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What Is The Cheapest Pool To Build?

Unquestionably, every homeowner is always looking to save a few coins during pool construction. The cost to install a pool can be overwhelming; hence it would help if you incorporated several techniques to help you cut down your expenses. In this present age and time, there are different pool types. Each offers a different configuration and varies in prices. So, if you are under a fixed budget, always go for the cheapest pool.

What Is The Cheapest Pool To Build?

Cheapest pool to build – Above ground pools

There are two major types of pools; above ground and inground pools. Typically, above ground pools are the cheaper option. On average, an above ground pool costs approximately $1,000 to $3,000. Of course, this cost relies on the size and type of collection. However, it is essential to note that round pools are more budget-friendly than oval above ground pools. If you have a fixed budget, you would instead go for an above ground pool. These pools are also excellent sources of entertainment and relaxation, just like inground pools. However, they may not be as versatile and long-lasting as inground pools.

The cheapest inground pool to install

On the flip side, inground pools are way expensive. Their cost lies within a range of $35,000 to $100,000. Of course, the price depends on various factors. Today, there are three major types of inground pools; concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools. All these pools have varying initial and lifetime costs. And this difference is often explained by the distinctive benefits and drawbacks each of these pools offers. Although more costly, inground swimming pools are more popular compared to above ground pools. They are well known for their durability, versatility, and aesthetics. So, what is the cheapest pool among inground pools?

Cheapest inground pool? Vinyl liner pool

Vinyl liner pools are generally the cheapest inground pools you can find today. Their installation costs are much lower than those of fiberglass and concrete pools. They cost approximately $25,000–$65,000. Also, vinyl pools offer great functionality and aesthetics. However, they are not as versatile as concrete pools.

Additionally, vinyl pools are not as cheap as many people think. They incorporate high lifetime costs due to liner replacement. The liner tends to wear out from time to time. So, you’ll always find yourself replacing the liner after every 4 to 7 years. Also, note that some vinyl liners can cost more than the price mentioned above. It all depends on the size and shape of the vinyl pool.

Advantages of vinyl liner pools

Even though it is the cheapest pool, a vinyl liner pool offers several benefits to its users. They include:

  • Versatility. Vinyl liner pools are flexible. They may not be as flexible as concrete pools. But you can create unique and beautiful pool designs using vinyl. In fact, you can create kidney-shaped, geometric, and other freeform pool designs using vinyl.
  • DIY pool project. One of the main benefits of vinyl liner pools is that you can always build them using a DIY project. Vinyl liner pools are simple to construct. All you have to do is follow the kit instructions and use the right pool equipment. Even so, don’t take part in a DIY project if you don’t have background knowledge in pool construction.
  • Smooth surface. Unlike concrete pools, vinyl liner pools have smooth, even surfaces that offer the perfect swimming environment. Vinyl pool liner surfaces do not expose you to getting cuts and scrapes.

Vinyl liner pool disadvantages

Vinyl liner pools also have disadvantages. Therefore, before you get lured by the cheap pool costs, it would help determine the weaknesses of vinyl liner pools.

  • Incompatible with saltwater chlorinators. Sadly, you cannot use a saltwater chlorinator on vinyl pools with metal pool walls. Doing so would corrode the surfaces. However, vinyl pools with polymer walls can work well with saltwater chlorinators.
  • High maintenance. Vinyl liner pools are expensive to maintain. As mentioned earlier, they require liner replacement after every four to seven years. And it costs thousands of dollars to replace the vinyl liner.
  • Less durability. Vinyl pools do not offer high longevity as concrete pools. They are often prone to wear and tear. Thus, you will spend a lot on repair costs. Also, if you have pets, the durability of the vinyl pool gets threatened. Pets can scratch the vinyl liner and cause holes in it. Consequently, you will have to replace the vinyl liner often.

The second cheapest inground pool – Fiberglass pool

Fiberglass pools often cost more than vinyl liner pools and less than concrete pools. The majority of pool experts say that fiberglass pools are reasonably priced, considering fewer maintenance procedures and costs. When installing a fiberglass pool, you may end up spending an average of $45,000 to $85,000. The price varies depending on the size of the fiberglass pool. The bigger the pool, the more the costs. The main advantage of these pools is that they don’t wear out quickly. Thus, you will spend minimal costs installing a fiberglass pool.

What Is The Cheapest Pool To Build?

Are concrete pools cheap?

The most expensive inground pool is a concrete pool. Concrete pools are often divided into shotcrete and gunite pools. Both incorporate high initial and lifetime costs. Nonetheless, concrete pools are highly versatile. You can create any pool design and shape with concrete material. The cost of concrete pools varies from about $50,000 to $100,000. The price could be more or less depending on the specific design and size of the pool. Concrete pools are ideal for homeowners who have a flexible budget and a large backyard space.

How can I cut down my pool construction costs?

  • At times, you may want to install a fiberglass or concrete pool using low costs. Fortunately, this is possible; all you have to do is work on a few things here and there. One way to do this is by going for smaller pool options. If you wish to save on pool construction costs, construct a smaller fiberglass or concrete pool. But first, you have to evaluate the expected amount of bather loads. Then, you will identify whether a small-sized pool is a good alternative for you.
  • The other way you can save on pool construction costs is by going for a simple design. Often, pool contractors charge more when you build an intricate pool design. A geometric pool would work perfectly fine for you. Besides, you can always upgrade the pool design later in the future.
  • Another way you can reduce your pool construction costs is by limiting the number of water features. Indisputably, pool water features are great add-ons. They offer excellent functionality and aesthetics. But they are expensive to install and maintain. You can always overlook these features, especially if you know they will put a financial strain on you. The best thing about water features is that you can install them later on.

The bottom line

The cheapest pool to build is an above-ground pool. But above ground pools are not as common as inground pools, so most aspiring pool owners always want to find out the cheapest pool among inground pool options. Well, the cheapest inground pool is the vinyl liner pool. Vinyl liner pools incorporate the lowest initial costs. However, they have high lifetime costs. They are vulnerable to wear and tear; hence you’ll have to replace the liner from time to time.