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Vinyl liner pools offer a wide range of benefits to homeowners. These pools are not only affordable but also versatile. Thus, you can customize a vinyl pool into various sizes, shapes and designs. However, vinyl pools incorporate high maintenance costs. They are not as durable as most people think. They have a delicate liner that tends to wear out with time. Generally, you have to replace a vinyl liner after every four to seven years. Liner replacement is usually costly. So, it is essential to employ a reputable pool builder to conduct the replacement for you. We, poolcontractor.com, pair you with the best pool experts in Seattle who deliver quality liner replacement services. They have extensive experience; hence, they can restore your vinyl liner pool to good shape.

Vinyl Liner Pool Repair and Replacement Services in Seattle, Washington

How do you spot a hole in a vinyl liner pool?

After several years of use, your vinyl liner pool can develop holes. So, how do you know your liner has a hole? The most common sign of a hole in a vinyl liner pool is a low water level. When there is a hole in the pool, the rate of pool evaporation is high. As a result, you may end up losing at least 0.5 inches of water in a day. You can reduce the evaporation rate using a pool cover. Below are some of the ways to test if your liner has a hole.

The Bucket Test:

You can use the bucket test to find a hole in a pool liner. This technique requires you to fill a 5-gallon bucket with water. Then, please place it in the pool. Ensure that the water level in the pool matches the water level in the vinyl pool. Use a waterproof marker pen to mark the original water level in the bucket. Alternatively, consider using a calibrated bucket. Then, switch off the pool pump and leave the pool for at least 24 hours. Then, come back to identify any changes in your pool and bucket water level.

Typically, the water level in your pool should be the same as that of the bucket. If the water level in the bucket is higher, the chances are that you have a leak in your vinyl pool. This process often consumes time and effort. It would be best to hire a reputable pool service expert who’ll help you identify leaks. Feel free to contact us; we direct you to the best Seattle pool service professionals.

Food Coloring:

Another technique of identifying holes in your vinyl pool is using food color. Typically, spread the food color over all soft and moist surfaces in the pool. If you have a hole, the food coloring will get removed by water flow in the leak. Subsequently, you’ll be able to see the location of the damage. Instead of conducting this process alone, you would rather employ a professional pool contractor.

At times, it can be challenging to find a hole in your vinyl pool. We, poolcontarctor.com, can help you out. We match you with the best pool service experts in Seattle who identify and fix all leaks. They examine the filtration and electrical systems in the pool. Pool leaks should get fixed immediately. Otherwise, they become wider and damage the structural composition of the pool. If you suspect that your pool leaks, it would be best to get a professional to examine the pool for you.

Repairing a hole in a vinyl liner

Once the pool contractors locate the hole in the liner, they begin fixing it immediately. Typically, the size of the tear will determine the repair method. The two main options used by most pool builders include:


The first technique your pool contractor is likely to use is patching. Patching is a temporary liner repair method used to fix holes measuring 2 to 8 inches. Of course, the location and size of the tear will determine if this is your best repair alternative. Patching will only serve the pool for a few days before you replace the liner. It prevents further widening of the pool crack. When pool contractors patch your pool, they’ll be taking time to shop for the best liners in the market. They’ll constantly check if the patch is intact every week.

Some of the most common liner patches used by pool builders include:

Waterproof tape:

A waterproof tape complements all types of vinyl liner pools. They are highly resistant to damage and can survive beneath the water for long periods. This patch is usually clear. Thus, it will be hard for swimmers to know that your pool has a patch. Waterproof tape often resembles duct tape.

Vinyl patch kit:

Suppose your vinyl liner pool has a large tear; a vinyl patch kit will come in handy. Usually, this patch will close the crack for a long time and can survive underwater.


Vinyl stickers can also help you fix your pool temporarily. Your pool contractor is most likely to use round stickers for the vinyl pool. They are less likely to detach themselves from the surface.

Replacing the Liner

As mentioned earlier, your pool needs liner replacement after every four to seven years. Your vinyl liner can last longer if maintained properly. Some vinyl liners last up to nine years. Here at poolcontractor.com, we link you up with the best pool contractors who deliver quality vinyl installation. They source their liners from reputable manufacturers like Tara. Hence, rest assured that your liner will offer maximum durability. Even so, you’ll have to replace your liner in the long run. The pool contractors you source from us will always help you choose the best vinyl liner that caters to your requirements. Also, they deliver quality and affordable installation. Liner replacement requires you to spend approximately $4,500.

How to Patch a Pool Liner

Your pool contractors can patch your pool when the pool is empty or filled with water. It all depends on the location of the tear. Dry patches are a good option if the pool is already drained for other repairs. If you have to drain your pool, always hire a reliable pool contractor. They are in a better position to help you. Emptying the pool by yourself can lead to damage. If you are looking for a good pool contractor in Seattle, look no further. Poolcontractor.com got you covered; we connect you to the most reliable Seattle pool builders who help you fix your pool crack.

Fiberglass Pools as an Alternative Option

Even though vinyl liner pools are budget-friendly, they are expensive to maintain. You would rather choose a pool type that has less purchase and maintenance costs. So, consider installing a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools are an ideal alternative to vinyl liner pools. They are not as expensive as concrete pools and have the lowest maintenance costs.

Vinyl Liner Pool Repair and Replacement Services in Seattle, Washington

Consequently, fiberglass pools can save your time, effort and money in the long run. Besides, fiberglass pools provide more versatility compared to vinyl pools. You can customize fiberglass pools into your preferred pool shape and design. Therefore, a fiberglass pool is always a better option. Luckily, we can connect you to the best fiberglass pool builders in Seattle. They are dedicated to transforming your backyard space into a modern paradise. When you first contact them, they’ll address all your fears, queries and doubts. Then, they’ll suggest the best fiberglass pool designs that match your requirements. The best thing about these pools is that they have the same price range as vinyl pools. So, a fiberglass pool’s combined initial and lifetime costs are way lower than those of a vinyl pool. Nevertheless, if you wish to construct a vinyl pool, we can still help you find the best builders in Seattle.

Maintaining a vinyl swimming pool in Seattle, Washington

Pool owners need to take good care of their vinyl liner pools to boost their durability. There is a broad spectrum of pool techniques you can use to keep your vinyl pool in good shape. We, poolcontractor.com, match you with the best Seattle pool maintenance professionals. Below are some of the maintenance procedures that can help you boost the longevity of your vinyl pool.

Balancing the water chemistry:

Your vinyl pool should have the right pH, chlorine levels and calcium hardness levels. Here at poolcontractor.com, we pair you up with the best pool service experts. They come to your property on a weekly or biweekly basis. Here, they use the right chemicals to help you obtain balanced water chemistry. If your pool is too acidic, they’ll use sodium bicarbonate to achieve a neutral pH. On the flip side, if the pool is too alkaline, they’ll use muriatic acid to lower the PH. Maintaining proper water chemistry in your pool helps you avoid common pool problems like algae.

Monitoring the pool:

The pool service experts you source from us always examine the pool from time to time. They check for any potential problems like cracks and leaks. This way, they can identify and fix pool problems in the early stages. Subsequently, your vinyl pool stays in good condition.

Ultimately, vinyl pools are a popular pool option among a majority of homeowners. Even so, they are prone to cracks and leaks. Also, they have delicate liners that wear and tear after several years of use. Always hire a reputable pool service technician to fix the problems in your vinyl liner pool.

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