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Trichlor Prices Continue To Climb

The latest Pool Chemical Market report predicts prices to increase well into 2021 according to leading experts. The report does not bode well for many pool service companies who are reliant on the chemical. Prices for trichlor began to skyrocket after the recent fire and explosion at BioLab, a leading manufacturing plant in recent months. With the Covid-19 crisis now entering it’s second year of existence, the rising prices of trichlor and dichlor presents a serious dilemma for many associated with Pool Service. A chlorine shortage of any kind has trickle down effects immediately felt by Pool Service companies. We reached out to get some sentiment from the pool industry about how rising costs for Trichlor are impacting their bottom line.

Rising Trichlor Prices Frustrate Pool Service Company Owners

Owner of Pool Keepers in Lindale, TX – Paul Putscher said “As long as prices continue to soar it’s an associative cost of doing business. I’ve towed the line on holding prices for about as long as humanly possible”. Jeffery Johnston of Quality Clear Pools a Pool Service company in Lincoln, CA said “We recently had to inform our customers of a price increase due to this very same issue. It’s become unsustainable to maintain existing price points given these enormous increases we have been seeing”.

Many pool service company owners are skeptical that a vaccine for Covid-19 will improve the situation. “It’s a domino effect at this point. Even if they release a vaccine tomorrow that isn’t going to solve my problem of finding affordable trichlor. It’s just snowballing now” said Northern Virginia pool company owner Jason De Bosky of Crystal Blue Aquatics.

As Trichlor Costs and Dichlor prices continue to rise, pool companies have begun to search for alternatives.
As Trichlor Costs and Dichlor prices continue to rise, pool companies have begun to search for alternatives.

Searching for Trichlor Alternatives

Many builders of custom pools these days are turning towards other solutions for sanitizing inground pools. Pool Builder Nilson Silva of Master Touch Pools said he’s been receiving more and more requests for ozone systems and salt water pools. It’s a trend increasing throughout Florida as pool owners look for ways to lower their chemical service costs. We asked pool owner Donna Hensley of Sacramento how the pandemic has impacted her chemical service costs “We just got a notice from our service guy that his prices are going up. Up until now we haven’t really noticed any change”. On the other hand, Richard Aldrey of Miami said “Our pool service prices went up back in October and have stayed that way each month. Our service company said that with the rising costs for chlorine he had no choice but to raise our rates”.

How has the rising prices of trichlor impacted your pool company? We’d love to hear from companies in the pool service industry. Respond in the comments below.