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Trending Above Ground Pool Ideas

Summer this year has broken records worldwide, with temperatures soaring ever higher. Many of us were left craving a refreshing dip in a pool; we are all dreaming of swimming in our own pools with cool and clear water. Well, now is the time to make your dreams into a reality! In this article, we have outlined some above ground pool ideas before you build your very own pool. 

Above Ground Pools:

Above ground pools are constructed above the ground level. They are usually cheaper than in-ground pools and require less maintenance. These pools are ideal for backyards and small gardens. 

Benefits of Above Ground Swimming Pools:

  1. Budget-Friendly:  Are you thinking of building a pool but are put off by the cost? Then consider an above ground pool. Above ground pools are far more cost-efficient than in-ground pools. Traditional in-ground pools are too expensive for a lot of people to construct.
  2. Modern-Looking: Beautifully designed above ground pools give a modern look to backyards, especially if you put the effort in to decorate them with lights, good furniture, etc. 
  3. Space-Efficient: Above ground pools require less space. A small, simple above ground pool is suitable for small gardens, but you can make them bigger too based on your available space. 
  4. Less Maintenance Cost: In-ground pools require costly and extensive maintenance. Compared to them, the water in above ground pools remains clean as they have no contact with the ground. Damage can also be more easily repaired. Although all pools require maintenance, above ground pools require less than in-ground ones.
  5. Easy to Construct and Demolish: In-ground pools require more time, labor, and financial investment for their construction. But above ground pools can easily be constructed within a short period of time. If you ever want to get rid of your above ground pool, rest assured as they are also easy to demolish.
  6. Custom-Tailored: Above ground pools give you the opportunity to design your own pool. You can have a deck or artificial grass near the pool, implement lighting, etc. How extravagant or minimalistic your pool depends entirely on your ideas and innovations. So, feel free to stretch your creativity to its limits!

So, in many ways, above ground pools are more desirable than in-ground pools. If you are interested in pools with less maintenance, less budget, and beauty aplenty for your garden, go for an above ground pool!

10 Trending Above Ground Pool Ideas

Here are some pool ideas that you can use to inspire your unique above ground pool design:

Above Ground Pool With Deck
Above Ground Pool With Deck – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#1 – Pool Deck

A pool with a deck gives the feeling of an in-ground pool. They can be either concrete or wooden. For above ground pools, people typically choose wooden decks as they are easier to install and are more affordable. Wooden decks give your pool a more traditional look. You can also install lighting, a ladder with accessories, and other features to customize it.

Above Ground Pool With Bricks
Above Ground Pool With Bricks – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#2 – Bricked Pools

You can put bricks around your pool to achieve that traditional look. This has the added benefit of providing it protection and enhancing its durability. Bricks for pools come in various colors.

Tropical Above Ground Pool Oasis
Tropical Above Ground Pool Oasis – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#3 – For Nature Lovers

Those with an immense affinity for nature who want nothing more than to be immersed in lush greenery can create a pool surrounded by trees, bushes, and other plants. A bricked pool bordered by grass and trees of all heights creates a beautiful diversity. Yellow lights with low brightness complement this style of pool very well. To elevate your design, you can also add a fountain.

Above Ground Pool With Stones
Above Ground Pool With Stones – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#4 – Pools with Stones

Above ground pools can also utilize stones and pebbles in their design. The most recommended types of stone are marble, travertine, limestone, and granite. Granite gives a matte appearance to pools while marble shines under the sun. You can choose which look you prefer. These stones also make the surface non-slippery.

Above Ground Pool Privacy Fence
Above Ground Pool Privacy Fence – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#5 – Private Pools

If you want a pool but live in a crowded area, then opt for a private pool. A small pool with an elevated deck and a tall privacy screen are ideal for achieving this look. A few chairs and lights are additional flourishes you can add, even if your budget is small.

Create your own artificial oasis
Create your own artificial oasis – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#6 – Artificial Oasis

If you want your pool to feel like an oasis, use wooden strips to construct your above ground pool and plant small shrubs and a few palm trees around it. Put some wooden chairs around your pool and enjoy your island oasis.

Photo Credit: London Pool Company

#7 – Gateway to the Future

Above ground pools can be designed so that they give a modern look to your backyard. To create this modern effect, use marble tile for the walls of your pool. Place some contemporary furniture, lounge chairs, and swings around it and add some bold, bright lights. Stick to a minimal amount of furniture to maintain that sleek, futuristic aesthetic. 

Boho Chique Above Ground Pool
Boho Chique Above Ground Pool – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#8 – Boho Pool

If you are obsessed with Boho chic, feel free to add Boho designs to your above ground pools. To achieve this, place large stones and some small cacti around your pool and add some potted plants, hanging wall lamps, jute carpets, etc. This aesthetic perfectly complements your summer vibes.

Stock Tank - Above Ground Pool
Stock Tank – Above Ground Pool – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#9 – Stock Pool

This option is the least costly and easiest to construct since it is just a pool tank! To make it feel more customized to your tastes, you can add stones around it, plant some trees, add relevant stairs, place some water toys, etc. And voila! Your pool is ready.

Acrylic Above Ground Glass Pool
Acrylic Above Ground Glass Pool – Photo Credit: Pinterest

#10 – Glass Pool

You can also consider a glass-based pool if you desire a modern above ground pool. Construct your pool with blue tiles and build a short deck. Use a transparent glass fence around the deck to achieve that trendy look, and add a few lounge chairs nearby. 

These are just some ideas you can use as a starting point before deciding on how you want your final pool to look. Remember, the options for decoration and customization are limitless. 


Maintenance of Above Ground Pools:

The work does not end after you have constructed your above ground pool; you need to maintain it so that it remains functional and pleasing to the eyes. If not taken care of, they will go unused in your garden or backyard, slowly becoming ugly and, more importantly, dangerous to use. So, if you want to enjoy beating the heat every summer, you must maintain your pool. Here are the measures you will need to take:

  • Change the water: We advise you to change your pool water on a regular basis. Clean and clear water is not just good for the pool but ensures you do not harm your skin and eyes as well. 
  • Water level: Keep the water level adequate. It should be neither in excess that it overflows nor too low that you are unable to float and swim in the water.
  • Water quality: Check the chlorine level and pH level of the water often. Acidic water can damage your skin and eyes. The chlorine level should be around 2.0-4.0, and the pH should be approximately 7.4-7.6. Acidity can increase due to rain, unchanged pool water, contamination, etc. Poor water quality can lead to the growth of fungi and algae. So, you should consistently check the chemicals in the water and ensure water circulation. 
  • Check the pool walls: Pool walls must be checked regularly. Algae can easily cover your walls, which causes cracks in them. If, during your scheduled check, you find plant growth in your walls, make sure to remove it from the roots. Also, check the railings as they have a tendency to get rusted. 
  • Winterize the pool: Pools that are not used during the year need to be winterized and protected with a pool cover. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, winterization is marking the end of the swimming season. The chemicals from the water need to be removed, anti-freeze needs to be added, the pool needs to be thoroughly cleaned and subsequently covered, etc. These steps will keep your pool safe for the next swimming season. 

People with pools in their gardens or backyards need to be responsible for taking these measures to maintain their pool’s condition. Checking it on a regular basis ensures its appeal is maintained for a longer time.

Above ground pools are the best way to relax and cool down during summer heat. The beauty they add to your garden and backyards is the cherry on top.