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Tips for Preparing an Inground Pool Excavation

Tips For Preparing For An Inground Swimming Pool Excavation

Having an inground pool in your backyard can be a worthwhile investment. It can be an exciting addition to your home, especially when you want some summer fun. However, getting there is a process that entails planning adequately for the pool excavation.  You should be aware of what to expect on the digging day.

Overall, pool excavation is gritty work. You should conduct GPR Surveys before beginning. Things often get messy when breaking the land and prepping it for your inground swimming pool. Lots of machinery will be on-site, and they will be noisy as they remove the earth in your backyard. Also, you should anticipate some delays depending on prevailing, unavoidable circumstances. With that said, below are some of the things to expect before, during, and after the pool excavation.

Pool Layout - Laying out Pool Area for Excavation of Inground Pool
Pool Layout – Laying out Pool Area for Excavation of Inground Pool

1: Prep The Grounds For Digging

It would be best if you cleared your yard of any valuables, including appliances, the children’s toys, and outdoor decorations. The pool builders will lay the design on the ground, planting wooden stakes around the designated area to create a layout guide for the excavation. You also are expected to keep your pets and kids who are home during this time away from the worksite. You should make sure they stay inside while the digging is underway.

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2: It Will Get Messy And Noisy

The first few hours of the excavation will have your backyard looking messy, having little to no hints of the awaited beautiful inground swimming pool. The digging can be a loud and scary process as the machines dig into the earth in your yard, taking tons of soil from the ground and into a dump truck for disposal.

Pro Tip: You may need to inform your neighbors about your planned inground swimming pool project so that they are aware of the commotion that comes with it; it is the courteous thing to do.

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3: Anticipate Possible Delays

You can never know what is under the earth in your backyard until you start digging.  We might discover groundwater, rocks, or something unexpected in the area you picked for your inground swimming pool. Many of these things will not be a significant impediment to your plans. However, they will impact your project’s completion timeline.  Unruly weather could also slow delay the process. Therefore, consider the season when planning for the excavation of your new swimming pool.

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4: Enjoy Your New Backyard Oasis

After the pool excavation process is over and the dreadful sights and sounds are but a recent memory, the exciting phase of setting up the latest addition to your home begins. Your new inground swimming pool should be ready as scheduled for the family to enjoy some summer fun.

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