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All pool owners should keep their pools clean at all times. Very few homeowners enjoy cleaning their pools. Pool cleaning is a time-consuming process. So, you are better off if you hire a pool service professional to clean your pool. At present, there is a wide range of pool service experts in Charlotte, North Carolina. Therefore, finding a reputable pool professional can be cumbersome. Fortunately, you can rely on poolcontractor.com to get a pool cleaning expert. We connect you to the best pool professionals in Charlotte who help you keep your pool clean at all times. They have extensive experience. Hence, they help you boost your pool’s durability.

The Best Pool Cleaning Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

More often than not, these pool cleaning experts will visit your property every week. Of course, this depends on your preferred schedule. Some pool owners prefer biweekly and monthly maintenance to weekly maintenance. However, it would be best to get weekly maintenance services if you always have a busy schedule. Below are some things to expect when the pool services experts come to clean your swimming pool.

Cleaning your pool using the best pool service experts in North Carolina

The first thing the pool service experts will do is to prepare the cleaning equipment. Some experts prefer manual cleaning, while others use automatic pool equipment. When using a manual vacuum, they’ll connect it to a telescopic handle. Then, they will switch it on and move it across the bottom of the pool to get rid of all floating dirt and debris. Although this process looks simple, failure to use the vacuum properly can damage the pool pump.

It would be best to allow the contractors to conduct weekly cleaning, especially if you are a commercial pool owner. Performing this process by yourself can take much longer than expected. So, don’t waste time trying to clean your pool. Contact us if you want to get the best pool cleaning professionals in Charlotte.

Getting rid of pool scale:

At times, the scale may form on the pool wall surfaces. Your pool contractors will use a sponge and Borkler Gel to remove the white scale gently in such instances. Borkler gel is a popular product uniquely made to get rid of white scale in your swimming pool. During this process, the contractors will first lower the pool’s water level. Then, they will pour some of the product into the sponge. Afterward, they will start rubbing it over the surface and let it sit for some time before rinsing. After removing the scale, they will increase the water level back to its state. You need not worry; Borkler gel is not dangerous; you can still swim in the pool immediately after using it.

How to clean the water in the swimming pool

After cleaning the surface of the pool, focus on cleaning the pool water. When cleaning the pool water, turn on the filter for at least 12 hours a day. The pool filter is responsible for trapping and filtering out all dirt particles in the pool. However, note that the filter should be in good condition at all times. It would be best to empty the cartridge from time to time. This way, you’ll prevent clogging of the filter.

Filtering the pool water is not enough to maintain crystal clear pool water. Remember, the pool has different microorganisms and pathogens. Thus, it is advisable to use a disinfecting chemical. The pool contractors we match you with often use chlorine to remove all impurities in the pool. At times, they prefer shocking the pool to achieve maximum disinfection. Nevertheless, this depends on your pool system. If your pool uses UV or Ozone sanitation systems, they will turn on these systems until all impurities get removed from the pool.

Allow pool service professionals to help you keep your pool water healthy

Here at poolcontractor.com, we help our clients maintain crystal clear pool water. We connect you to the best Charlotte pool service experts in Charlotte who focus on extending the durability of your pool. One way they help you keep your water healthy is by maintaining a neutral pH. Typically, the pH of your pool should vary between 7.0 to 7.6. We match you with professionals who use the right chemicals to ensure your pool has the right pH. When the pool pH is too high, these pool contractors use muriatic acid to achieve a neutral pH. On the flip side, when the pool water is too acidic, they use sodium bicarbonate to increase the pH. When the pool service professionals come for the weekly or biweekly appointments, they use a test kit to check the pool pH. From there, they strive to make it neutral.

Checking chlorine levels

Another way these pool experts keep your pool healthy is by checking the chlorine levels in the pool. At times, the chlorine level in the pool can be too high. And this is dangerous to swimmers. Remember, chlorine is a skin and eye irritant. So, the pool contractors will use clean water to dilute the pool whenever the chlorine levels are high. Likewise, when the chlorine level in the pool is too low, they’ll pour more chlorine into the pool.

Checking calcium hardness levels

During the weekly maintenance appointments, your Charlotte pool service experts will also check for calcium hardness levels. Generally, the calcium hardness level in a pool should range between 200 ppm and 275 ppm. The pool water should not be too hard or too soft. Therefore, the pool service experts will help you maintain the right calcium level in the pool. Usually, they use pool flocculants to lower the calcium hardness in the pool. If this does not work, they use muriatic acid. When increasing the calcium hardness level in your pool, they add the right amount of calcium hardness increaser into the pool.

Getting rid of algae

The pool service experts will also help you keep your pool water healthy by preventing and removing algae from the pool. Algae is a common issue in pools. It appears as green or dark brown patches on the pool surfaces. As a result, these microorganisms make your pool less appealing. The pool experts we connect you with often spot algae in its early stages. Therefore, they help you prevent large algae breeding grounds in your pool. Occasionally, they use the right preventative algaecides. If you have existing algae, they use quality algaecides to remove them from the pool surface. Alternatively, they can use an appropriate brush to scrub the algae off the surface.

Maintain cyanuric acid levels

Your pool professional will also help you maintain healthy pool water by maintaining the pool’s right levels of cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid is usually responsible for preventing the degradation of chlorine from sunlight. So, you have to keep adding cyanuric acid to ensure the pool is completely protected. Generally, the level of cyanuric acid in your pool should range from approximately 30 to 50 ppm.

Check pool solids

Another thing your pool service professional will do is to measure the total solids dissolved in the pool. Pool solids generally refer to the salts, dirt, algaecides, among other contaminants in the pool. The pool should not have very high solid levels. Otherwise, it won’t be safe for human use. Pool experts say that the solid levels in your pool should not go past 2000. When your pool has high solid levels, they will drain little amounts of pool water while adding clean water into the pool at the same time.

The Best Pool Cleaning Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Pool shocking

Occasionally, the pool service experts may prefer shocking the pool for maximum disinfection. Shocking the pool involves pouring excessive amounts of chlorine into the pool for a certain period. Pool shocking gets rid of all harmful bacteria and pathogens in the pool. As a result, the pool becomes fit for human use. However, note that you cannot use the pool immediately after shocking. Chlorine is an irritant; hence keep off from the pool until the levels go back to normal.

Experienced pool service experts in Charlotte, North Carolina

We, poolcontractor.com, connect you to experienced Charlotte pool service experts. These professionals can therefore conduct all types of pool maintenance procedures. They help you maintain crystal clear pool water by balancing water chemistry, eliminating existing algae and cleaning your pool. You can always rely on them to deliver quality services due to their extensive experience.

Obtain 100% customer satisfaction

We connect you to the best Charlotte pool cleaning experts in Charlotte. Therefore, rest assured of maximum customer satisfaction. These pool cleaning experts always take the time to listen to all your needs. Then, they conduct all pool maintenance procedures based on your needs. Moreover, these cleaning experts are always on time during weekly and biweekly appointments. They are also flexible; hence can come to your property at any time of the day, even during off-peak hours. Furthermore, these experts advise you on the best pool maintenance tips that help you boost the longevity of your pool.

You can count on us for the best pool cleaning services in Charlotte

If you’re finding it difficult to clean your pool, do not hesitate to contact us. We will match you with the best pool cleaning professionals in Charlotte who focus on keeping your pool water clean at all times. They are also highly committed and dedicated to ensuring you obtain maximum customer satisfaction.

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