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Pool service companies specialize in a variety of services related to maintaining and cleaning swimming pools. These services can include regular cleaning and maintenance of the pool, such as skimming the surface, vacuuming the floor, and cleaning the tile and other surfaces. They may also offer chemical balancing and testing services to ensure that the water in the pool is safe and clean. Some companies may also offer weekly or bi-weekly service visits to keep the pool in top condition throughout the swimming season.  To find the best pool service companies in your local area, ask for references and check out reviews from previous clients. Look for companies that have experience with the type of pool you have and that offer a wide range of services.

Weekly cleaning

This typically includes skimming the surface to remove debris, vacuuming the floor to remove dirt and other small particles, cleaning the tile and other surfaces to remove algae and other buildup, and backwashing the filter.

Pool equipment repair and installation

This can include fixing leaks, replacing worn or broken parts, and installing new equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, and lighting.

Maintaining residential and commercial pools

This includes maintaining the chemical balance of the water, testing the water to ensure it is safe and clean, and making sure that the pool is in good working order.

Pool inspections

This can include checking the pool and its equipment for any potential hazards or issues, and making recommendations for repairs or upgrades as needed.

Chemical balancing

This service includes adding and adjusting chemicals like chlorine, pH, and algaecide to maintain the chemical balance of the pool and make sure the water is safe for swimming.

water testing
Water Testing

This service includes testing the water for pH, chlorine, and other chemical levels to ensure the water is safe for swimming and the chemical balance is correct.

Seasonal Services

Some pool service companies also offer seasonal services such as pool opening and closing, winterizing, and cover installation, etc.

Hiring a Pool Service Company

When hiring a pool service company, it is important to do your research and find a reputable and experienced company. Start by asking for recommendations from friends and family or searching online for local pool cleaning companies. Once you have a list of potential companies, it is important to check their credentials, including their license and insurance, and ask for references. Schedule consultations with multiple companies to compare their services and prices, and ask for a detailed estimate of the cost of the service. Have a written contract with the company that outlines the services they will provide, the schedule of the service, and the cost of the service. Ask about the chemicals they use, make sure they are licensed and trained to handle them, and check if they are members of any professional organizations like Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) or IPSSA (Independent Pool & Spa Service Association). Have clear communication with the company throughout the process, to ensure that your pool is always maintained to your satisfaction.

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