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San Bernardino Pool Prices

San Bernardino Pool Prices – Our Readers Asked “How Much Does a Pool Cost in San Bernardino?”

Have you been thinking about building a Pool in San Bernardino? Get San Bernardino Pool Prices and find San Bernardino Pool Builders to build your dream backyard. Most years the summers get brutally hot in Southern California and many Californians try to find their way to the beach.

As you’d find in most areas of Southern California, the homes in SoCal frequently tend to have larger sized lots to build a pool in than in many other parts of the country. With larger sized lots, you’ll find over the top elaborate pools. Before you buy a pool in San Bernardino, read this informative article .

What is the Most Popular Type of Pool in San Bernardino?

The most popular style of inground pools found in San Bernardino are Gunite Pools. Californians tend to invest a little more in their backyard since they spend so much time in it throughout the year. Most homeowners opt for an inground gunite pool. San Bernardino homeowners typically see an average of 6-8 swim months per year, typically from April to October.

Homeowners can prolong their swim season year round by adding an optional heater, but typically by November most homeowners have closed their pool for the year.

San Bernardino Pool Prices - Gunite Pools in San Bernardino - Gunite Pool Prices in San Bernardino - Inground Pools in San Bernardino - Pool Price in San Bernardino
Wondering how much a gunite pool will cost in San Bernardino? Get Pool Prices from Pool Contractor on an inground pool.

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost in San Bernardino?

We surveyed Pool Builders in San Bernardino and the average base price of a swimming pool in San Bernardino is $45,381. Find out how much a swimming pool costs and get San Bernardino Pool Prices. As in most cases with major home improvements, most homeowners tend to want a general idea how much a pool will cost before they begin contacting builders for an estimate.

Normally, pool buyers will want to get at least a few different estimates before they select the right builder for their project. Use our Pool Calculator and find out how much an inground swimming pool costs in San Bernardino. will provide you with a real time estimate on how much it will cost you to build your swimming pool.

In San Bernardino, Pool Builders prices tend to vary based on how much pool permits cost, the available skilled labor, and whether or not the pool construction crew has the yard access they need. The average price for a Pool in San Bernardino in 2020 went up 4% from last year, which is in line with the industry as a whole.  Pool Builders in San Bernardino, primarily built in Cimmeron and Nena which also consequently seems to have the largest percentage of pool companies in those particular areas. As of this writing, the average price for a pool in San Bernardino at 45,602.50

San Bernardino Inground Pool Prices for 2020

  • Cimmeron Pool Cost: $49,720 was the average pool price for an inground pool in Cimmeron, CA.
  • Nena Pool Cost: $43,870 was the average pool price for an inground pool in Nena, CA.
  • Sandin Hills Pool Cost: $44,910 was the average pool price for an inground pool in Sandin Hills, CA.
  • Kendall Hills Pool Cost: $47,340 was the average pool price for an inground pool in Kendall Hills, CA.
  • Yerdemont Pool Cost: $41,305 was the average pool price for an inground pool in the Yerdemont, CA.
  • Mount Vernon Pool Cost: $46,470 was the average pool price for an inground pool in Mount Vernon, CA.

Top 5 Pool Features Pool Buyers in San Bernardino Love

Californians love their inground pools. Adding on pool features will make your pool more enjoyable and customized to your specific wants and needs. There are a wide array of pool features that homeowners select to personalize their pools. Here are the top 5 Pool Features Homeowners in San Bernardino chose while customizing their pools, they often opt for these features the most:

  1. LED Pool Lights
  2. Salt Water Chlorinator
  3. Waterfall / Grotto
  4. Pebble Interior
  5. Outdoor Kitchen

Additional Costs of buying a Pool in San Bernardino

If you’re buying a pool, odds are that you will want these additional features / services. You should budget accordingly based on these figures.

  • Pool deck / Patio Price: $2,500-$10,000.
  • Pool Cover or Enclosure: $1,500-$20,000.
  • Retaining Wall Price: $2,500-$10,000.
  • Weekly Service / Seasonal Service: $1,000-$2,000 per year.
  • Utilities & Maintenance: $2,000-$5,000 every year.
San Bernardino Pool Prices - Get the price of an inground pool in San Bernardino
San Bernardino Pool Prices – Get the price of an inground pool in San Bernardino

San Bernardino Inground Pools – San Bernardino Pool Contractors & More

San Bernardino Pool Contractors Near Me

Whether you live in Cimmeron, Nena, Sandin Hills or Mount Vernon, Pool Contractor can find you the right pool builder to design and construct your familys swimming pool. Find the Best Pool Builder in San Bernardino on Pool Contractor. Our network of over 25,000 pool builders and pool construction companies are ready to provide you with a free estimate on building the inground pool of your dreams.

Find San Bernardino Pool Service

Where do you turn to when need your pool cleaned? When homeowners need to find the best San Bernardino pool service companies they check this website first. Pool Contractor has San Bernardino Pool Service companies in your local area ready and standing by to provide you with a free estimate on servicing your pool.

Whether you need your pool opened or closed, have a green pool, or need new pool equipment or weekly pool service – we’ve got you covered. Let Pool Contractor find you the ideal San Bernardino Pool Service Company to maintain your inground pool.

Best Pool Supply Stores in San Bernardino

Trying to find local San Bernardino Pool Supply Stores where you can pick up chemicals, pool equipment, and products for your swimming pool?

While searching for the best San Bernardino Pool Builders, many visitors make their stop here first. has thousands of local pool supply stores listed in its directory. Quickly find the best pool supply store in town on our website.

Get a Pool Estimate in San Bernardino

Get your free inground pool estimate from a local San Bernardino Pool Contractor. They’ll provide you with the actual price on your swimming pool. If you’d like a ballpark price on your pool, feel free to use our Pool Calculator to determine how much a swimming pool will cost you in San Bernardino, CA.