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Will Baking Soda Clear Up A Cloudy Pool?

One of the problems pool owners are likely to experience is a cloudy pool. These pools can be a major turn off for most swimmers. So, as the pool owner, it would be best to get rid of this issue as soon as possible. But first, you have to know the cause of this issue. There are so many causes of this issue. Some include imbalanced water chemistry or algae. Once you know the reason for the cloudiness, it would be much easier to solve the problem. But will baking soda clear up a cloudy pool?

Will Baking Soda Clear Up A Cloudy Pool?

Is baking soda good for clearing up a Cloudy Pool? #

If you heard or thought baking soda would clear a cloudy pool, you are mistaken. Baking soda is alkaline. Thus, adding it to the pool would only increase the pool alkalinity. Under normal circumstances, your pH should be well balanced; it should neither be too high nor too low. Another thing about baking soda is that it clouds the pool. So, baking soda is not a solution to clear up a this pool issue. The best pool chemical that would help to clear up this issue is chlorine or algaecides.

So, how do I get rid of a cloudy pool? #

Ensure you have balanced pool chemistry #

Low chlorine levels sometimes cause a cloudy pool. But what causes low chlorine levels? Imbalanced pool chemistry tends to interfere with the chlorine levels. Thus, it is always essential to maintain balanced water chemistry. One of the ways to do this is first to check the pH of the pool. You can use a test strip. If you notice your pool is too acidic, add an alkaline solution. On the other hand, if your pool has high pH, lower the pH using muriatic acid. Also, when the pH of the pool is too high, the pool appears a bit dull.

Make sure you have a clean pool filter and pool pump #

Another way to clear up this problem is to make sure your pool filters are working correctly. It’s simple; if your pool pump and the filter are underperforming, there would be stagnant water, which would eventually lead to a cloudy pool. First, you have to make sure you have the correct pool plumbing size. Also, check any clogging or blockage that may have occurred in the pool filter. It would be best if you replaced your cartridge more often. Backwashing the filter would also boost the efficiency of the pool filter. If your pool’s circulatory system is functioning accurately, you need not worry about this issue.

Get rid of all pool dirt #

Dirt can also cause a cloudy pool. So, make sure you vacuum your pool often. Get rid of all floating particles in the pool. Additionally, use the best pool cleaners.

Conclusion #

Baking soda does not clear up a cloudy pool. But other techniques can help you clear your cloudy pool.

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