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Will A Sand Filter Remove Dead Algae?

Algae is one of the most stubborn pool problems. Although not harmful, algae can make your pool look dirty. So, if you have a commercial pool, algae would decrease your clientele. Pool algae multiply very quickly. Thus, it would be best to get rid of pool algae during its early stages. Fortunately, there are several techniques pool owners can use to eliminate algae in their pools. So, does a sand filter remove dead algae?

Will A Sand Filter Remove Dead Algae?

Using a sand filter to get rid of dead algae? #

Pool experts recommend using a sand filter to eliminate dead algae out of all types of pool filters. They offer an easy time when getting rid of dead algae. Unlike the standard filters with the cartridge, you won’t have to unclog the filter from time to time. Moreover, sand filters can get rid of all the pool algae completely. Afterward, you can continue enjoying your crystal-clear pool.

Getting rid of dead algae in your pool in less than a week #

Step one #

The first step would be to get rid of the visible pool algae using your vacuum. Get your automatic pool cleaner from the pool and place it in a safe place. Meanwhile, make sure you have balanced water chemistry. Then, when the pool is not in use, super chlorinate the pool. You can use unstabilized liquid chlorine for super chlorination. Leave the pool overnight.

Step two #

After 12 to 24 hours, you will notice that your pool is not green anymore. So, the next step would be to oxidize the pool. Add an oxidizing agent to your pool water and leave it for the whole day. Then after about 12 hours, add the correct amount of proper pool algaecides.

Step three #

After adding pool algaecide, you will notice that your pool is no longer green. Instead, it has a greyish or bluish color. These colors only indicate progress. Once you see the grey or blue color, it means that you have gotten rid of the pool algae successfully. Suppose your pool is still green; you might have to redo the whole process. At this stage, add a clarifier to the pool. Doing this breaks down the algae into dissolvable pieces. This makes it easy for you to vacuum the pool. Leave the pool for at least a day after adding the clarifier. But it would help if you keep monitoring your pool.

Step four #

You will notice that the dead algae will settle on the pool floor after adding a clarifier. At this point, it would be easy to get rid of the pool algae using your sand filter. Put your sand filter on the waste setting and get rid of the dead algae.

Ultimately #

One of the best ways to remove dead algae is by using a sand pool filter. This pool equipment is user-friendly and effective. It helps you restore your pool to good condition.

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