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Why Is It Called an Infinity Pool?

One of the most popular pools in first-class resorts is the infinity pool. These pools are appealing in nature since they have an illusional effect of water flowing into a never-ending horizon. Typically, if you look at these pools from a distance, you wouldn’t notice a separate line between them and the sky or the background scenery.

Why Is It Called an Infinity Pool?
Why is it called an infinity pool? An infinity pool has the same edge as a standard pool. But the edges of these pools enable water to flow over into a catch basin.

Is it safe to swim in an infinity pool? #

Due to their visual effect, several users often ask if they are safe. The truth is they are safe because the ‘no boundary” effect is false. The sides of the pool have actual boundaries, only that they are invisible.

So, what is the difference between these pools and regular pools? Unlike infinite pools, standard pools have visible boundaries that swimmers can see. Thus, an infinity pool is a regular pool created with a visual trick.

What’s the visual trick? #

During construction, pool builders make sure the water level is the same as the wall’s height. Also, they build it with a pool basin. Consequently, this creates the effect of water falling into another lower-placed pool. But in reality, the water falling into the catch pool goes back to the main pool.

What is the cost of an negative-edge pool? #

Typically, regular pool construction costs range from $40,000 – $70,000. Adding an infinity-edge pool will cost an additional $30,000 or $35,000. So, constructing an negative-edge pool might put a strain on your budget. But if you want this type of pool, the aesthetics these pools offer are worth it.

So, what does the edge of an infinity pool contain? #

An infinity pool has the same edge as a standard pool. But the edges of these pools enable water to flow over into a catch basin. Moreover, the edges do not have visible caps, thus facilitating the visual trick. Along the side, you won’t be able to see any pavers or decks.

What is the best location for constructing a negative-edge pool? #

Since an infinity pool has a visual effect of an endless horizon, it should exist in ideal settings. Pool owners should choose the perfect location to enhance the “no boundary” effect. The best places would be the beach or highland environments, among other breathtaking scenery. Once you select the best location, you will make good use of the money spent to build the pool.

Suppose your surrounding area has another body of water like an ocean, construct the pool such that it creates a merging effect with the sea. Also, if there are hills in the surrounding area, this might be the perfect setting to bring the best out of a negative-edge pool’s visual effect. Ultimately, make the most of your money by choosing the most outstanding location for your infinity-edge pool.

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