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Why Do I Have A Green Pool After I Shocked It?

Pool experts often recommend shocking your pool from time to time. Unlike the normal cleaning process, shocking offers extra disinfection to your pool. What happens is that you use excess chlorine levels to disinfect the pool. It is always advisable to conduct pool shocking after having large bather loads. Large bather loads are often accompanied by more bather waste. So, the regular pool cleaning process might not be enough for your pool. As a result, pool owners prefer shocking their pool. Pool owners should conduct shocking from time to time, at least once a week, depending on their pool condition. But why do you get a green pool after shocking?

Why Do I Have A Green Pool After I Shocked It?

Green pool after shocking #

At times, pool owners notice a change of color in their pool after shocking it. Typically, the green pool color after shocking is due to metal particles in the water. Let’s try to understand the cause of metal particles in the water.

Shocking a pool #

As seen earlier, pool shocking means that you disinfect your pool water entirely using excess chlorine. So, when shocking a pool, the pool contains very high amounts of chlorine. Consequently, this excess chlorine gets rid of all microorganisms and any impurities in the pool. Many pool owners shock their pool when they notice green algae in the pool. Getting rid of algae through pool shocking is effective. You can actually clear up the pool through shocking. But sometimes, shocking does not eliminate the green color.

So, is the green pool color caused by algae? #

Well, no. Often, when you shock your pool, there will be an increase in the quantity of dissolved copper. Where does the copper come from? The copper could be present in the pool water or the pool plumbing. Shocking can trigger its erosion; that’s why you’ll notice a green color in the pool. So, you need not worry about the algae problem anymore. You now have to deal with the metal particles that are causing a green pool.

How do I get rid of the metal particles? #

You can use certain chemicals to get rid of the green pool color caused by copper leaching. Mostly, pool experts recommend a chelating agent. This agent is well known to get rid of the dissolved copper. You can find them at any pool store or from your pool contractor. Just add the correct amount to the pool as per the instruction manual.

Conclusion #

Suppose your pool plumbing is of copper material; purchase a chelating agent before shocking your pool. Also, it would be best if you regularly monitor the amount of copper in the pool. This way, you’ll prevent the whole pool from turning green.

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