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Who Makes The Best Pool Equipment?

At present, there is a wide range of pool equipment manufacturers. Consequently, pool owners have many options to choose from when it comes to buying pool equipment. Some of the most common brands that manufacture these equipment are Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy. So, who makes the best pool equipment?

Who Makes The Best Pool Equipment?

Pentair – best pool equipment #

Generally, Pentair manufactures the best products. Pentair has the largest market share in the pool industry due to its high-quality products. Additionally, pool experts highly recommend Pentair pool equipment. Pentair is well known for manufacturing the best pool pumps and filters. Also, their variable speed pumps are out of this world.

Aside from having the best pool filters and pumps, Pentair offers the best salt chlorinator systems. So, if you are looking for a saltwater system, consider the Pentair Intellichlor. They incur fewer maintenance costs and can last you for decades.

The secret with Pentair is that they keep on advancing their products to match with the industry trends. As a result, they can establish a large customer base for themselves.

Hayward Pool Products #

Hayward is also famous for making some of the best pool products. Even so, Hayward pool equipment does not beat Pentair. But this depends on the type of equipment. For instance, pool experts rank Hayward pool heaters to be better than Pentair pool heaters. Fortunately, Hayward is more affordable compared to Pentair. But generally, Hayward products functions as effectively as Pentair. Maybe their products might lack one or at most two things that Pentair incorporates. But they still offer value for money. In fact, do not leave a cheaper Hayward if you find one.

Jandy #

Another manufacturer is Jandy. Jandy offers good products. Nonetheless, their pool equipment does not beat the quality of Pentair. Even so, Jandy manufacturers are still working their way to the top. They have come up with modern pool equipment that incorporates high technology like the Aqualink. The good thing with them is that their products are more affordable compared to the Pentair and Hayward.

Several pool owners report that Jandy pool filters are not durable. They do not have a robust configuration. Thus, they tend to break or crack. Also, Jandy pool heaters are not as advanced as Hayward or Pentair. Jandy pool heaters do not last for long despite their low cost. However, their saltwater systems are much better. In particular, the AquaPure System is dependable and functions effectively.

Conclusion #

From this article, it is clear to see that Pentair makes the best pool equipment. So far, no other manufacturer has been able to beat them. Their products are high tech and offer high longevity.

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