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Which Is Better Pentair Or Hayward?

Today, there are numerous pool equipment brands. Choosing the right pool equipment for your pool goes a long way in boosting your pool’s longevity. So, before buying, conduct thorough research on the available pool equipment. Today, the most common pool equipment manufacturers are Pentair and Hayward. Both brands have managed to establish an excellent reputation for themselves. I mean, almost every pool contractor recommends both these pool equipment. But which is better?

Which Is Better Pentair Or Hayward?

Pentair pool equipment #

Today, pool experts rank this pool equipment as the best. It is well known to manufacture the best pool pumps and filters. This pool equipment are highly durable and efficient. Besides, they incur minimal repair costs.

Pentair pool pumps #

These pool pumps are slightly better than the Hayward pool pumps. But it depends on the type of pool pump. For instance, the Hayward Super II and the Pentair Whisperflow pool pump are pretty much similar in functioning. But, without question, Pentair makes the best variable speed pumps. The company constantly upgrades their products. Thus, you rest assured that all their pool equipment are of high quality.

Pentair pool heaters #

These pool heaters have a slightly lower ranking than the Hayward pool heaters. But Pentair pool heaters are equally good.

Hayward pool equipment #

Although Hayward has a lower percentage market share than Pentair, they have fantastic products. Hayward pool equipment provides high longevity and efficiency. In particular, Hayward pool filters are simple to install and use. Besides, they keep your clean pool and incur fewer repair costs. The best thing with Hayward pool equipment is that they are more affordable compared to Pentair products. The majority of pool owners purchase Pentair pool products due to their appealing exterior layout. However, if you happen to find a less expensive Hayward pool filter, don’t hesitate to buy it. Hayward pool equipment are equally as good as Pentair pool equipment.

Hayward pool pumps #

There are many types of Hayward pool pumps. Typically, all of them are efficient. So, always consult your manufacturer on the most suitable option that can cater to your pool needs. Even so, pool contractors often recommend purchasing the Super II Hayward pool pump.

Hayward salt systems #

If you are looking for a salt system, consider the Hayward Aqua Rite Salt system. This salt system is equally good as the Pentair Intellichlor. Moreover, you might find it at a lower price. Besides, this Hayward salt system is simple to use and offers high longevity.

Hayward pool heaters #

The majority of pool builders recommend buying Hayward pool heaters. Hayward pool heaters function effectively and can last you for decades. Besides, they are highly resistant to damage from rodents.

Conclusion #

Pentair is well known to offer the best pool equipment in the industry. But consult your pool contractor before purchasing any pool equipment.

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