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What Type Of Tile Is Best For Inground Swimming Pools?

Tiles are unquestionably an attractive finish for pools. Although they are costly, pool tiles offer value for money. They are the most durable pool finish option for inground swimming pools. Not to mention, tile can modify your backyard space into a serene oasis. In this day and age, there is a wide range of pool tile options you can incorporate. They include glass, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. Each offers fantastic benefits and varies in prices. Before settling for a particular pool tile option for your inground swimming pool, it would be best to understand how each of them works.

What Type Of Tile Is Best For Inground Swimming Pools?

The best pool tile for inground swimming pools #

Porcelain tiles #

Porcelain and glass are the most highly rated pool tiles for inground swimming pools. Porcelain tiles are well known due to their unique aesthetics and durability. The majority of pool owners prefer installing porcelain tiles. Besides, they incur a simple installation process and fewer maintenance procedures. It takes you less time to clean porcelain tiles. These tiles also offer high adaptability. As a result, you can customize them to match all your requirements. Porcelain tiles also provide a wide range of color options and patterns. The best thing with porcelain tile is that it will take you a lifetime before you replace them. Also, they are cheaper compared to glass tiles.

Glass tiles #

On the flip side, glass tiles offer the best aesthetics. However, they are more costly than porcelain tiles. Glass tiles provide a first-class look in your pool. If you use glass tile for your pool finish, you increase the value of your home. Like porcelain tiles, they offer high longevity. But you have to hire a professional to install glass tiles. When installed wrongly, glass tiles can have sharp edges that cause injuries to swimmers.

Additionally, glass tiles offer high versatility. They incorporate different shade options that match your pool area. However, the high price of glass tiles has been a big turn off for most pool owners. You can end up spending about $30,000 when installing glass tiles. Even so, many glass tile options are relatively cheaper. So, before installing glass tiles, conduct thorough research on the available options.

The best pool tile for inground swimming pools #

Both porcelain and glass tiles are fantastic tile options for inground swimming pools. However, glass tile is way costly than porcelain tile. Each offers impressive aesthetics, but porcelain tile does not beat glass tile on this. If you have a fixed budget, a porcelain tile is a good option. On the other hand, if you are mostly looking to upgrade your aesthetics, glass tile would be a good option. Ultimately, it depends on what you need. But porcelain tile stands out.

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