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What Size Pool Pump Do I Need For A 15,000 Gallon Pool?

Every pool owner desires to have sparkling pool water. One way to do this is to find the right pool pump that can clean your pool water within the correct time. Additionally, it is always a relief when a pool owner’s find an energy-saving pool pump. So, before purchasing the pump, it would be best to analyze all your pool needs. One of the things you should look at includes your pool size. If your pool is larger, you undoubtedly need a more advanced type to purify the whole pool.

What Size Pool Pump Do I Need For A 15,000 Gallon Pool?

What if I have a 15000-gallon pool; what pool pump do I need? #

When choosing a pool pump, you have to select the most efficient one to save energy. Typically these work with a GPM unit, which means gallons per minute.

Since you have to save on energy, you cannot run it for 24 hours. On average, pool experts recommend running your pool pump for at least eight to twelve hours a day. So, if you have a smaller pool, you would look for one running at a rate of 40GPM. On the other hand, if you have a large-sized pool, you would look for a one running at a rate of 80 GPM. But if you desire to find the most accurate one for your pool, see the below steps.

  1. In our case, we know our pool carries 15000 gallons of water. So, the next step would determine the number of gallons needed to get cleansed in one hour. Keep in mind that we need to turn the pool pump on for about eight hours. So, let’s divide the 15000 gallons by eight. (15000÷8 = 1,875).

The result is the number of gallons needed to get pumped for the whole pool to become clean in eight hours.

  1. Since they use the “gallon per minute” measurement, we would have to find out how many gallons should move per minute. So, we would divide the 1,875 by 60, and the result would be 31.25.
  2. As a result, for a 15000-gallon pool, you would need a pump the runs at a rate of 31.25 GPM. Note that eight hours is not the fixed time at which the pump should run. So, a 28 GPM or 35GPM pump would work perfectly for you.

Conclusion #

Ultimately if you have a 15000-gallon pool, look for a pool pump that runs for about 28GPM to 35GPM per minute. Before purchasing one, it is always good to know the size of your pool.

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