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What Size Breaker Do I Need For An Inground Pool?

An inground pool is unquestionably a fantastic source of fun and entertainment. Nevertheless, for inground pools to function accurately, they have to have a vital power source. At times, the current electric breaker does not hold enough power to support all the pool equipment. So, most pool contractors often advise pool owners to upgrade their electric breaker. Consequently, pool construction is often accompanied by a service panel upgrade. But what size of breaker do I need for an inground pool?

What Size Breaker Do I Need For An Inground Pool?

The average breaker size for an inground pool #

More often than not, inground pools need electric breakers of 20 amp. But this size varies depending on your pool equipment.

Does this mean I have to upgrade my electrical panel? #

To determine if you need to upgrade your electric panel, it would be best to hire a professional electrician. They analyze your electrical panel and decide whether you need an upgrade. In most instances, if the electrical panel cannot service all the pool equipment, they install a subpanel next to it. Alternatively, you can install two tandem breakers of 15 amp to service your pool equipment. The more the pool equipment, the larger the size of the breaker you will need.

Various pool equipment and electricity usage #

In case you are struggling to identify the electrical needs for your inground pool, see the below list. We outline the most common pool equipment and their estimated electric requirements.

The majority of pool pumps function with 240 voltage and ten electric amperes.

If your pool has a saltwater chlorinator, not that it requires 240 Voltage and approximately 6 amperes to function.

Pool heaters often need 240 voltage and 50 amperes.

Pool lighting requires 12 voltage and 3.5 watts to function. Lights are small water features; thus, they don’t have a lot of electrical needs.

On the other hand, hot tubs need a lot of electricity. Thus they require 50 amperes and 240 voltage for function.

So, typically, the size of the electrical breaker you’ll incorporate depends on the type of pool equipment. Pool heaters and hot tubs have more electric needs. It is always good to employ a dependable pool electrician to evaluate your electric needs. Also, note that the figures mentioned above are just estimates. Confirm the exact voltage and amperes from your pool contractor or manufacturer

What is the average cost of upgrading my panel? #

If your pool electrician recommends an electric upgrade, get prepared to spend thousands of dollars. Well, the cost depends on the condition of your wiring. But on average, upgrading your electric breaker box would cost approximately $1,000 to $2,000. If your electric system is too old, pool electricians are like that to charge more.

Conclusion #

The size of the breaker needed by your inground pool depends on the pool equipment you are incorporating. So, always consult your pool builder before installing any pool equipment.

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