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What Pool Type Is Best?

If you are an aspiring pool owner, you might be wondering what pool type to construct. Of course, you desire a pool that offers you maximum benefits at a reasonable price. Thus, you have to conduct your research on the different pool types and identify your most suitable option. But you have to understand that different pools offer various advantages and disadvantages. All you have to do is know what you are willing to compromise and not compromise.

What Pool Type Is Best?
What pool type is best? You have to conduct your research on the different pool types and identify your most suitable option.

Vinyl Liner Pools #

One of the most common pool types is vinyl liner pools. They are common due to their affordability and versatility. So, below are the reasons why you should or should not select them as your best alternative.

Benefits: #

  • Vinyl liner pools are less costly compared to other pool types. So, if you are working under a tight budget, this pool might be the best option for you. They can go for as low as $5,000.
  • They offer versatility; thus, you can choose your preferred pool layout.

Drawbacks: #

  • One of the significant drawbacks of vinyl liner pools is a worn out liner. The liners wear out over time and need replacement after every 5 to 10 years. Also, they are vulnerable to sharp objects from the pool and chemicals. Not to mention, the costs of liner replacement can take a toll on your monthly or annual budget.
  • Vinyl liners do not enhance a home’s aesthetics compared to other types of pools. Typically the liner looks inexpensive and casual. Thus, this pool type will less likely add value to your home.

Concrete (Gunite) Pools #

Benefits: #

  • Gunite pools are one of the most versatile pools globally. They offer a wide range of pool designs. Thus, they improve your property’s aesthetics as well as increase your home value.
  • Gunite pools offer high longevity and can last for decades.

Disadvantages: #

  • When you have a gunite pool, you will have to incur very high maintenance costs. A gunite pool requires more pool chemicals and cleaning procedures than other pool type.
  • Gunite pools are rough to the feel. Their rough surface makes them become an excellent breeding ground for algae. Additionally, they are not user-friendly to most users since they cause cuts.
  • Usually, gunite pools incorporate more extended construction periods of about three months. It can be devastating for commercial pool owners who look forward to a quick return on investment.

Fiberglass Pools #

Benefits: #

  • This pool type needs little maintenance procedures and costs.
  • These pools take a short construction period.
  • Fiberglass offers a broad spectrum of design options. Thus, pool owners can create custom made pools with fiberglass.
  • The pools are durable and last for many years.

Drawbacks: #

  • Fiberglass pools are ready upon delivery. Thus, manufacturers cannot construct vast pools since transportation will be hard.

Conclusion #

Some pools offer more advantages than others. But it would be best to stick to a pool that maximizes all your benefits within your budget. Even so, if you want a pool that lasts for long, go for gunite or fiberglass pools. Vinyl pools do not provide durability and do not improve your property’s value. Ultimately, the best pool type is a gunite and fiberglass pool.

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