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What Is The Quietest Pool Pump?

Pool pumps are undoubtedly the circulatory system of the pool. Therefore, it is always advisable for pool owners to invest in a quality pool pump that offers durability and efficiency. Today, there is a broad spectrum of quietest pool pump options. With the pool industry’s expansion, there are highly advanced pool pumps that pool owners can purchase. But note that when in operation, most pool pumps make noise while functioning. So, confirm the noise level of a pool pump before purchase.

What Is The Quietest Pool Pump?

Quietest pool pump options you can buy for your pool. #

Pentair 342001 Variable Speed Pool Pump #

Generally, the Pentair 342001 the quietest pool pump with a noise level of 45 decibels. One of the best things about this pool pump is that it is energy saving. It only uses 110 to 230 volts yet functions efficiently. Additionally, the Pentair 342001 is user friendly in that it is simple to set and program. Fortunately, the Pentair 342001 pool pump also serves pool owners with saltwater pools. So, why is it ranked as the quietest pool pump? The Pentair 342001 pool pump uses a feature called an ultra-quiet TEFC motor. This feature enables it to function with minimal noise, unlike other pool pumps. But you have to hire a professional pool contractor to install this pool pump for you. Also, note that it can be quite pricey.

Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump #

If you are looking to save on both initial and lifetime costs, the Hayward SP2303VSP pool pump is your ideal option. Besides being very quiet, this pool pump helps you save on more than 75% of energy. The pool pump is also user friendly since it is simple to program and operate. The Hayward SP2303VSP is definitely worth the money.

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High-Performance Pump #

The Pentair 011018 is also another quiet pool pump alternative. Like Pentair 342001, it has a noise level of 45 decibels. Aside from functioning with little to no noise, the Pentair 011018 pool pump also helps pool owners cut down on their electricity bills. In fact, this pool pump enables you to save more than 85% of electricity. Additionally, the pool pump offers high longevity and can last you for many years.

The bottom line #

From this article, you can identify some of the quietest pool pump options you can purchase. Typically, the quietest pool pump options use noise levels of 45 decibels. If you are looking for a quiet pool pump that maintains a serene atmosphere in your backyard space, always check the noise levels before buying. Also, you can ask your manufacturer about the quietest pool pump alternatives.

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