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What Is The Pool Drain At The Bottom Of A Swimming Pool For?

Every pool has a circulatory system to foster a healthy movement of water. Without a proper circulatory system, your pool would experience algae breeding grounds due to stagnant water. So what makes up the pool’s circulatory system? Typically, the pool drain is the major component of the pool’s circulatory system. They include the main drain lines, skimmer lines, and return lines.

What Is The Pool Drain At The Bottom Of A Swimming Pool For?

Let’s look at each pool drain in detail. #

Main Drain #

Often, pool contractors install main pool drain lines at the most in-depth section of the pool. This way, it facilitates water movement at the bottom. So, while the skimmer line helps circulate water from the pool’s top part, the main drain line circulates water from the pool’s lowest part. But note that not all pools use main pool drain lines. Deep water outlets can get used in place of main drain lines.

Skimmer line #

The skimmer line is essential for keeping the pool water free from floating debris. The line facilitates pool water movement from the upper part of the pool to get rid of all dirt particles that existed here. The skimmer line has a connection with the pool skimmer. This way, all debris collected gets trapped in the skimmer basket. Pool owners ought to vacuum the area around the skimmer frequently to prevent any clogging in the line.

Return line #

After water gets circulated and filtered, it often goes back to the main pool using a return line. Bigger pools have more than one return.

The Pool Filter #

One major pool equipment that keeps your pool water safe for use is the pool filter. The pool filter gets rid of all dirt particles in the water. Through an efficient circulatory system, water goes into the pool filter. Here, it gets purified before going back to the main pool or the heater. Nowadays, there are many types of pool filters. Always ensure you install the right kind of pool filter that matches all your pool needs.

Nonetheless, pool owners should take care of their pool filters. Otherwise, this pool equipment won’t function as desired. Pool filters tend to get clogged. So, backwashing the filter can help in reducing blockage. Also, replacing the cartridge would go a long way in boosting the durability of the pool filter.

In summary #

A pool drain is essential in maintaining a clean pool. So, ensure you hire a dependable pol contractor who will install all the pool drain lines for you accurately. Having a clean pool lowers your pool repair costs and enables you to enjoy the most out of your pool. Additionally, taking care of your pool filter also helps in boosting your pool’s longevity.

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