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What is the Most Popular Pool Shape?

Nowadays, there are no state restrictions on the type of pool shapes homeowners ought to incorporate. Thus, they are free to select, round, rectangular, freeform, among other pool shapes. Moreover, homeowners have the freedom to create custom-made pools in their backyard. So, they can turn their pool dreams into reality. Often, most pool types offer unlimited design options and accommodate a variety of water features. In this post, we provide an in-depth understanding of each popular pool shape.

What is the Most Popular Pool Shape?
What is the most popular pool shape? Homeowners have the freedom to create custom-made pools in their backyard. So, they can turn their pool dreams into reality.

The main popular pool shapes #

Kidney shaped pools #

As the name suggests, kidney-shaped pools look like kidney beans. In particular, they are rounded on both edges and have an inward middle loop on one side. Kidney shaped pools are ideal for accommodating a broad spectrum of water features.

Freeform pools #

One of the most popular pool shapes is freeform. They accommodate limited spaces and allow pool owners to express their creativity. Thus, freeform pools can match your backyards’ outdoor theme. Unlike other pool shapes, they contain more edges, curves and corners and create a unique pool. So, if you have a pool idea design in mind, your pool contractor will likely suggest the freeform shape for you.

Oval pools #

Oval-shaped pools are suitable for properties with unlimited spaces. Due to their large size, they are great for accommodating many water features. To be precise, palm trees and hedges would complement oval pools.

Figure 8 pools #

Figure 8 configured pools, are slightly narrow at the middle and have a circular shape on their ends. The rounded shape on the pool ends allow for free water movement instead of forcing it to go backwards.

Rectangular pools #

The most popular pool shape is a rectangle. Today, more than half of residential properties, resorts, hotels and villas incorporate this vintage pool to save on space.

Greek pools #

One of the most popular pool shape, Greek pools, resemble rectangle pools. However, they have slanted corners. Greek pools are large and can accommodate a large bather load. The pool also offers attractive and breathtaking views.

Circular shaped pools #

Circular pools are among the most popular pool shapes in baby pools. But they are best suited for properties with unlimited spaces. Additionally, when building a pool inside a property, circular pools would be the best option.

Geometric pools #

This popular pool shape conforms to your property’s shape. Thus, they mostly have well-defined edges depending on your yard’s form. Also, they accommodate water features like tanning ledges to improve their aesthetics.

Conclusion #

Currently, there are many pool shapes homeowners can select. All pool shapes serve specific purposes. Thus, to determine the best pool shape, examine your needs and budget. Afterwards, choose the most suitable option for you. Your pool contractor will also analyze your landscape and pool space and tell you which popular pool shape will best suit your needs.

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