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What Is The Longest Lasting Pool Finish?

An attractive pool finish can add a whole new charm to your backyard. Today, numerous options offer unique aesthetics. The most popular finish is plaster, probably due to its affordability. But this finishing material does not provide high longevity compared to other types. As a pool owner, it is always good to incorporate one that offers reasonable initial and lifetime costs. If possible, choose the most durable finishing. When you do this, you won’t have to worry about resurfacing your pool anytime soon. So, what is the longest lasting pool finish?

What Is The Longest Lasting Pool Finish?

Tile Finishes; the longest lasting pool finish #

At present, veterans in the pool industry have ranked tiles as the longest lasting pool finish. Tile finish is well known to provide high adaptability and versatility. With tiles, you can customize your pool’s appearance to complement your outdoor space. Not to mention, the pool tile is beautiful. In fact, it can transform your backyard into a spectacular oasis. Additionally, tiles bring out a stylish and high-end look in your outdoor living area.

Nonetheless, expect to spend thousands of dollars when installing a pool tile finish. They are very expensive compared to other types of pool finish materials. But they offer value for money. I mean, it can take a lifetime before you replace pool tiles.

Types of pool tiles #

Tiles come in different materials. But the most commonly used pool tiles are ceramic and porcelain tiles. Porcelain and ceramic are well known for their unique aesthetics and affordability. Unlike glass tiles, they incur reasonable purchase and installation costs.

Glass Tile #

Glass tiles offer the best aesthetics. Even so, they are the most expensive pool tile option. Contrary to popular belief, glass tiles can last for decades, especially when installed properly. Besides, glass tiles are highly resistant to discolorations and erosion.

Stone Tile #

Another type of pool tile is stone tile. Stone tiles offer natural yet modern aesthetics. They go well with almost any backyard space. You can also customize glass tiles to fit your pool requirements. Most pool owners actually use the stone tile as a finishing material and as a deck material.

Conclusion #

Typically, all pool tile options provide extraordinary benefits. Above all, tile is the longest lasting option. So, with a pool tile finish, you rest assured of a lifetime warranty. There are many types of pool tile finish. They include stone tile, glass tile, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Each offers the best aesthetics and durability. Even so, it is very costly to install tiles as your finishing. You can end up spending up to $30,000, but using tile as your pool finish offers a lifetime warranty.

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