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What is the Cost to Install a Deck?

The majority of pool owners prefer decking their pool to enhance their yard’s aesthetics. Pool decking incorporates a wide range of materials. Some of the materials used to install a deck include composite wood and aluminum. It is a fantastic feature to incorporate next to your pool. The cost to install a deck in your pool varies depending on numerous factors.

What is the Cost to Install a Deck?
What is the cost to install a deck? Installation depends on the materials used to install the deck. Besides, there are separate labor costs that you’ll have to incur when installing a deck.

Some of the factors include the decking material and length of the area. But the average cost of decking a pool lies within a range of $2,500 to $10,000 for a 16 by 20 feet pool. Note that most pool contractors charge a per foot cost of about $35. It all depends on the materials used to install the deck. Besides, there are separate labor costs that you’ll have to incur when installing a deck. So, in total, you may spend an average of about $12,000 to $20,000 to install a deck.

What determines the costs of decking? #

As seen earlier, the decking material will impact the total decking costs. It’s simple; some materials are more expensive compared to others. Additionally, when you install additional structures on your deck, the price is likely to be higher. Some of these extra features include stairs and rails.

Another factor that affects the cost of installing a deck is the layout. Typically, some deck layouts are more complex than others. Thus, the simpler the deck design, the less you will spend on decking.

The landscape of the surrounding area will also affect the costs. If your landscape is not even and contains many obstacles, your pool contractor is likely to charge you more. Tilted landscapes need more secured foundations.

Additionally, most decks would need freeze-proof foundations to withstand winter seasons. Nonetheless, this is commendable only in icy areas. These foundations are much costly to install than normal foundations.

Occasionally, if your backyard contained a previous old deck, you might choose to rebuild it. Instead of starting the construction process, it would be much more affordable for you to reconstruct. Nevertheless, make sure you contact your pool builder before making a decision.

Types of decks influence the costs #

Nowadays, there are many types of decks. It could be a modern, tropical, desert, raised, or platform deck. But you can integrate one or more designs to make your backyard dreams turn into a reality. Also, you may choose to attach your deck to your house or balcony. If you incorporate more than one design, your pool builder will charge you more since they will use more construction time.

In summary #

The cost to install a deck varies depending on various factors. It would be best for pool owners to choose their most preferred pool deck type that matches their budget.

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