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What is the Cheapest Inground Pool Shape?

In normal market situations, inground pools go for about $40,000. Nevertheless, the cost differs based on several factors. Some of the determinants include pool size, shape, and design. Pools that have regular shapes tend to cost much cheaper than irregularly shaped pools. In this article, we look at the cheapest inground pool shape and the factors affecting the price.

What is the Cheapest Inground Pool Shape?
What is the cheapest inground pool shape? The cost differs based on several factors. Some of the determinants include pool size, shape, and design.

Pools that have a rectangular shape #

In most instances, pool contractors have an easy time in constructing rectangular pools. These pools contain well-defined inclinations that are easy to build. As a matter of fact, most homeowners who participate in DIY pool installation create rectangular pools. They don’t require much expertise compared to freeform and curved pools. As a result, it is much more affordable to employ a pool builder when constructing a rectangular pool. Building a rectangular inground pool shape can cost $15,000, which is less costly compared to other pool shapes. Even so, you have to take note that the pool price varies depending on several factors. Some of them include the type of pool and additional water features. Thus, homeowners can use a maximum of $60,000 in constructing a rectangular pool.

Curved pools #

On the other hand, an irregular shaped or curved inground pool shape features intricate edges and inclinations. Thus, they cost much more. Additionally, they require pool experts who have extensive experience. Thus, pool contractors will charge you more when constructing curved pools. Also, not many homeowners can hack a DIY project for curved pools. Furthermore, the materials incorporated in building curved pools are expensive. On average, they can cost $1,500 to $2,000 more than the cheapest inground pool shape.

Materials for construction #

Even though the price of a regular shaped pool is lower than a curved pool, building materials influence the costs. For example, concrete pools are more expensive than fiberglass pools. A large concrete rectangular pool can be more costly than a vinyl liner small curved pool. So, the price depends on many factors. Furthermore, when constructing curved gunite pools, you may end up spending so much more.

Patio materials #

The pool patio significantly impacts the price of the pool. The patio costs rely on the surface area and materials used. Thus, the larger the patio, the more you will spend. Usually, curved pools have a wide surface area around them due to the irregular shape. Thus, building a patio around a curved pool is much more expensive than constructing a patio around a rectangular pool.

The bottom line #

Ultimately, the cheapest inground pool shape is the rectangular shape. This type of pool has straightforward angles that are simple to build. Thus, pool builders do not charge much since construction requires less time and effort than curved pools. Moreover, the building and patio materials for curved pools are often expensive.

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