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What Is The Best Pool Timer?

Pool pump timers are fantastic devices that allow pool owners to save on energy. But how do they work? Remember that pool pumps have to run for a certain period. As a pool owner, you can’t regulate the pool pump manually; this would be time-consuming. So, you would rather use a pool pump timer that automatically switches off your pump when it completes cleaning the pool. Today, there is a wide range of best pool timer options you can choose from.

What Is The Best Pool Timer?

Best pool timer options you can purchase. #

Woods 59104RWD Outdoor 24-Hour Heavy Duty Mechanical Time Switch #

One of the best pool timer options is The Woods 59104RWD. The efficient timer works with equipment of 220 voltage. Also, it has protective material that boosts it’s durability and makes it perfect for outdoor use. It also allows pool owners to set it according to their pool requirements. This setting lasts for a day. Besides, it is simple to install this device. Even so, this device can be noisy when running.

Intermatic P1121 Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer #

This device is a great option for aboveground pools. It has a protective configuration that enables it to withstand all the harsh external conditions. Additionally, with this device you can make two settings a day. A majority of pool owners report that the Intermatic P1121 does not last for a long time compared to other pool timers.

GE Z-Wave Plus Direct Wire Smart Switch #

This device is user-friendly as you can program it simply from your mobile phone. In fact, you can connect with the Alexa feature to function. In turn, you can set this device from the comfort of your couch or bed. It has wireless functions that enable you to run the pool pump from any location. If you are looking to save time and effort while setting your pool timer, the GE Z Wave plus direct is your best pool timer alternative.

Conclusion #

The best pool timer is a great equipment that enables your pool pump to run for the most accurate period. There are so many options you can purchase. But before purchasing one, ensure that you analyze all your pool needs first.

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