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What Is The Best Pool Tile?

Nowadays, pool owners use tiles to finish their pools. Tiles are attractive materials that can invigorate your backyard into a premium haven. But did you know that you cannot use standard tiles for your pool? Pool tiles have to be nonslip and robust to withstand harsh external conditions. Consequently, pool experts have come up with a wide range of options. Each offers unique benefits to pool owners. Knowing your best pool tile option requires you to analyze your pool requirements and budget carefully. Let’s take a look at some of the best tile options in this article.

What Is The Best Pool Tile?

Best pool tile options #

Mosaic Tiles #

As the name suggests, mosaic pool tiles incorporate distinct patterns and designs. These pool tiles are ideal for pool owners who are looking for something extra. Typically, mosaic tiles are a blend of the different pool tile materials, porcelain, ceramic, and glass. All these materials create an astonishing mosaic pool tile.

Stone Tiles #

Another pool tile option is stone tiles. Stone tiles are unique yet natural-looking. Consequently, they can complement almost any backyard space. Also, they have a comfortable feel; thus, you can also use them for pool decking. However, with stone tiles, you have to seal them frequently to avoid staining.

Ceramic and Porcelain Pool Tiles #

Over the years, porcelain and ceramic pool tiles are well known as the best tile options. They are highly adaptable; hence you can customize them to complement your desired outcomes. Unlike other pool finish options, porcelain and ceramic tiles are soft to the touch. Thus, swimmers are less likely to get grazes from them. The major advantage of porcelain tile is that it does not take up too much heat. Thus, they can remain cool regardless of the weather. As a result, pool contractors recommend it as a deck and waterline material for pools. Not to mention, porcelain and ceramic pool tiles are relatively affordable.

Glass Tiles #

Another pool tile option is glass tile. Glass tiles provide the best pool aesthetics. Thus, if you desire to have a high-end looking pool, a glass tile finish is a great option. Contrary to popular belief, glass tiles offer high longevity. Additionally, they can accommodate a wide range of colors. Nevertheless, installing glass tiles can be tedious. It takes almost a month to finish on glass tile installation. Moreover, you need to hire a highly experienced pool contractor to install glass tiles in your pool. One mistake during installation could cost thousands of dollars.

Ultimately #

Before settling for a particular option, please make an effort to understand each of their advantages and disadvantages. This way, you will settle for the best pool tile option.

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