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What is the best Phosphate Remover for Pool Contractors?

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover by Orenda is practically liquid gold and a very well known product frequently used by Pool Contractors. Orenda’s PR-10,000 is the strongest phosphate control product available in the swimming pool industry. Highly concentrated, all natural, rare earth phosphate remover. The Orenda PR-10,000 formula reacts with phosphates in the swimming pool water, hardening them into a fine precipitate, which can then be flocced out, vacuumed or filtered out of the swimming pool.

Orenda Phosphate Remover PR-10,000
Orenda Phosphate Remover PR-10,000

A word of caution as some pool contractors report that PR-10,000 causes cloudiness, which typically will last anywhere from just a few hours to a couple of days. It’s advisable to only use PR-10,000 as needed and do not exceed the specified dosage. A little PR-10,000 goes a long way.

Why do we need to get rid of phosphates? Phosphates are an important fertilizer for algae and other living pollutants in water. Chlorine, unlike most other contaminants in water, cannot eliminate phosphates because they do not interact directly with one another. So you’ll need a phosphate remover to lower phosphate levels.

Directions: Just eight (8) fluid ounces can up to 10,000 gallons of water. If using on pools with visible algae it’s advisable to use PR-10,000 immediately following a chlorine shock. Dose with 16 fluid ounces per 10,000 gallons for pools with light algae, and a full purge dose of 32 fluid ounces per 10,000 gallons for pools with severe algae problems. For cleanup the following day, clean and vacuum the dead algae from the pool as well as phosphate precipitate, and purge with CV-600 enzymes.

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