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What Is The Best Decking To Put Around A Pool?

In this present age and time, there is a wide variety of pool decking materials. Each offers unique aesthetics. So, before you choose a pool deck material, conduct thorough research on the best decking to put around a pool. The most common pool deck material is concrete. Concrete is popular due to its high adaptability. With concrete, you can create almost any pool deck design. Even so, there are better alternatives to concrete.

What Is The Best Decking To Put Around A Pool?

Let’s take a look at the best decking to put around your backyard pool. #

Tiles #

Tile offers a modern and classy appearance. Today, there are different types of tiles you can use for decking your pool. The advantage of tiles is that they can last for decades.

Flagstone #

Flagstone is also a common pool deck material. It enhances the appealing nature of the pool due to its architectural look. Even so, flagstone gets very hot during the summer. Thus, it feels uncomfortable walking on a flagstone surface.

Colored Concrete #

As seen earlier, concrete allows you to customize your pool deck design. In fact, you can use colored concrete to construct your pool deck. Often, pool contractors recommend incorporating a bright-colored concrete. Dark-colored concrete tends to absorb heat; thus, you can feel uncomfortable walking on when you are barefoot.

Bricks #

Another best decking material to put around your pool is brick. Bricks are attractive and stylish. They bring out a high-end look in your backyard. Besides, bricks come in a wide range of colors. Although expensive, this pool deck material offers value for money due to its high longevity.

Nonetheless, bricks do not survive well in cold geographical regions. During winter, bricks tend to take in water and crack. Also, they do not offer slip-resistant surfaces. Thus, they can be a major cause of pool accidents.

Exposed Aggregate #

Another pool deck material you can use is exposed aggregate. This material is an excellent option since it offers safety and high longevity. Exposed aggregate mostly has a natural look that resembles a Pebble Tec finish. The material is also flexible and can fit almost any pool deck design. Pool decks made with exposed aggregate can switch up your backyard into a luxurious haven.

Brushed or Broom Finish #

When constructing your pool deck, you can incorporate a broom or brushed finish. This type of pool finish offers high durability. Additionally, it prevents pool accidents due to its slip-resistant surface. Typically, a brushed finish is from concrete material. What happens is that pool contractors run a broom over wet concrete during construction. You can always customize your broom finish to match your preferred color.

Conclusion #

Today, there are several best decking materials you can put around your pool. Undoubtedly, the best decking option varies from one person to another. I mean, we all have different pool needs. So, always evaluate your pool requirements before you settle for a particular pool deck material.

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