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What Is The Best Deck Material To Use Around A Pool?

Pool decking is one of the most important steps of pool construction. I mean, without good pool decking, the surface next to the pool can be a leading cause of pool accidents. Typically, you have to use high-quality pool decking material that is slip-resistant. Also, ensure the design you use for pool decking complements your outdoor living space. But what is the best deck material to use for your pool?

What Is The Best Deck Material To Use Around A Pool?

The best deck material to use around your pool includes. #

Poured Concrete #

Often, pool contractors use concrete as a pool decking material. Concrete is versatile and offers high longevity. Thus, you can create any pool deck design using concrete. Additionally, poured concrete offers a safe, slip-resistant surface to walk on after getting out of the pool. Besides, poured concrete is relatively affordable. Expect to spend about $5 per square foot when constructing a concrete pool deck.

Nonetheless, poured concrete needs a pool expert when used to create a pool deck. So, a DIY project of constructing a concrete pool deck is not advisable. You should know how to even out the concrete on the surface. Otherwise, you would have to redo the whole process.

Precast Cement Pavers #

Another best deck material option is the precast cement pavers. This material comes in a wide range of designs. Also, precast cement pavers come in different shades. Thus, you can settle for the one that enhances your pool’s aesthetics. Besides, precast cement pavers are relatively affordable. You can spend as little as $2 per square foot when using this material for decking. However, if precast cement pavers do not get installed accurately, they can create rough surfaces.

Brick #

Today, brick is one of the best deck material used by pool owners. It is attractive and provides an elegant and architectural look. Nevertheless, this pool decking material is costly. On average, one brick can cost up to $5. Then, if you add the installation costs of $2 to $5 per square foot, you will notice that you’ll spend more. Although costly, brick is highly durable and versatile. You can customize the material to fit all your requirements. But note that Constructing a pool deck with brick is pretty much time-consuming.

Stone Tile #

The best deck material that will offer the most aesthetics is stone tile. Stone tile comes in a wide variety of options. Some include sandstone and travertine. But note that you should strictly use unglazed stone tile for pool decking. Glazed stone tile is slippery when wet and can lead to pool accidents. Even so, stone tile is quite pricey compared to other decking materials.

Which is the best pool deck material? #

Ultimately, the best deck material to use around a pool depends on what you want. Each pool deck material is unique. Thus, evaluate your pool requirements first before choosing a certain pool deck material.

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