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What Is The Best Automatic Pool Cover?

An automatic pool cover is one of the most useful pool accessories you can purchase. The best automatic pool cover provides a broad spectrum of benefits. Not only do they protect pools from dirt, but they also boost safety. Today, there are numerous types of automatic pool covers.

What Is The Best Automatic Pool Cover?

Let’s take a look at the best automatic pool cover options. #

Sun2Solar Blue 20-Foot-by-40-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover #

This automatic pool cover is appealing in nature. As the name suggests, the Sun2Solar Blue cover has a blue shade that goes well with almost any outdoor space. Manufacturers design it with many bubbles that help in conserving heat. Thus, if you have a pool heater and wish to conserve energy, this pool cover is a good option. The Sun2Solar Blue cover is also user-friendly since you can easily cut it to fit your pool. But note that it measures 16’ by 32’. This pool cover is also good for minimizing water loss.

Tarp Cover Blue Heavy Duty Pool Cover #

The strongest automatic pool cover would have to be the Tarp Cover Blue Heavy duty. This pool cover is robust and can withstand all climatic conditions. In turn, it offers high durability. Additionally, the Tarp Cover Blue is resistant to the harmful effects of the sun and corrosion. The pool cover also provides versatility as it comes in three different colors. Thus, you can settle for the one that complements your outdoor space.

Intex Solar Cover for 16ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools #

One of the best automatic pool covers you can buy the Intex Solar Cover. What makes this pool cover stand out is its inflatable nature. Additionally, it has a diameter of 16 feet and offers high durability due to its robust sidewalls. Pool experts recommend this pool cover for pool owners who use pool heaters. It helps you save energy by keeping the water warm. Also, the Intex solar cover decreases the pool evaporation rate. Thus, it is a great option for indoor pools.

Intex Solar Cover for 18ft X 9ft Rectangular Frame Pools #

Another best automatic pool cover alternative is the Intex Solar Cover meant for 18’ by 9’ swimming pools. The cover offers unique aesthetics since it has a blue shade. Moreover, the cover is ideal for maintaining warm pool water, thus cutting down your electricity bills. Its material is also very strong; thus, it offers maximum, if your pool measures 18 by 9 feet, the Intex Solar cover is a great option.

Conclusion #

Today, there is a wide range of automatic pool covers. Each has a different configuration hence offer distinct advantages. However, from this article, we can see the best automatic pool cover alternatives. So, when buying this pool cover, always analyze your pool needs first.

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