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What Is Coping?

One of the major steps of pool construction is pool coping. If you plan to construct a pool, you have to choose the most suitable materials you can use for this procedure. Often, your pool builder will always be willing to help you with this. So, ensure you hire a reliable pool contractor who can help you select the most suitable material as well as design. But what is coping?

What Is Coping?

Pool coping #

Have you ever noticed the material that encompasses the pool edges? In most instances, this is the pool coping material. Once you install the pool, you will have to surround the swimming pool shell’s edges with the material. This process enhances the aesthetics of the pool. Simply put, this process invigorates the pool surfaces.

Additionally, the material used serves as a protective layer of the pool. The material also helps you distinguish the pool from the surrounding surface. In most instances, pool coping is purposefully preventing the pool water from going past the pool shell. Consequently, when swimmers splash water from the pool, it flows into its rightful drains. So, besides enhancing the pool’s appealing nature, this procedure is essential for protecting your pool.

Pool coping designs #

In this present age and time, you can use different pool coping layouts. It all depends on your taste, preference, and budget. Nonetheless, always make sure that it complements your pool. Below are the three main layouts.

  • Square Edge
  • Single Bullnose
  • Rebated Square Edge

How is pool coping done? #

Typically, your pool contractor will outline the material around your pool edges. They have to incorporate the right width. Your pool contractor also has to make sure that there is a clear distinction between the pool shell and the surrounding surface. During the process, make sure that your pool builder uses high-quality materials for this process. This way, the pool coping won’t wear out quickly. It would be best if you select a material that can withstand harsh pool chemicals. Even so, the pool coping should match with your backyard space and be slip-resistant to prevent any pool accidents.

Always consult your pool builder #

Before you begin on pool coping, allow your pool contractor to address all your queries, fears, and doubts. You have to select the most suitable design based on your pool requirements. Additionally, note that your budget would largely determine the type of pool coping you choose. At times, it would be best if you let your pool builder choose the design for you. It would be easier for you. In turn, you would experience less repairs in the long run.

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