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What is a Splash Pad?

A splash pad is a distinct water feature that makes swimming experiences fun, especially for children. They are also referred to as splash zones or water playgrounds. Simply put, this water feature is a structure fixed on a pool; it contains a safe surface on the bottom and many water holes to spritz water around the pool. They spray water in the form of showers, rains, or mist. In turn, they enhance the appealing nature of the pool. Also, they offer the ideal water ground to have lots of fun while swimming.

What is a Splash Pad?
What is a splash pad? This is a structure fixed on a pool; it contains a safe surface on the bottom and many water holes to spritz water around the pool.

Often, water sprayed from the nozzles of the splash pad gets filtered, recollected, and then splashed into the pool again. This way, as a pool owner, you don’t have to worry about wastage of water. You can find splash pads in recreational facilities, resorts, and even residential properties. Children love them. So, if you are a commercial pool owner, you might get a substantial return on investment when you install them on your property.

Splash pads are inexpensive features to add your pool #

Contrary to popular belief, splash pads are inexpensive. Their price is lower than a residential pool installation. Additionally, it is not expensive to take care of splash pads. Besides, these magnificent water features increase your home’s value and generate a substantial return on investment. Thus, if you are building a commercial pool, consider investing in splash zones. They are great features that offer breathtaking views of your property.

Safety measures to observe when using splash pads #

On many occasions, children are the ones who enjoy splash pads. Not many children understand the safety precautions they should take when using these features. They can run around and hurt themselves as well as cause other accidents around the splash zone. So, there are several safety measures to ensure your child is safe when playing around splash pads. They include:

  • Always watch over your child from a distance, whether you are inside the pool or not.
  • Take time to let your child know that he or she should not run or jump near the splash pad. Otherwise, they can hurt themselves or fall.
  • Before allowing your child to use the splash pad area, ensure that the water is clean and treated. Untreated pool water can lead to skin irritation, among other diseases.
  • Keep your child hydrated, especially on sunny days. Also, ensure he or she does not drink the water from the splash pads.
  • Take your child out of the pool regularly to change their diapers or have them go to the washroom. As a result, you will reduce pool contamination.
  • Ensure you apply a suitable sunscreen on your child’s skin.

Above all, splash pads are great water features. They will significantly enhance your swimming experience.

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