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What Is A Raised Bond Beam?

At present, there is a broad spectrum of water features you can incorporate when constructing your pool. One of the stylish water features that can transform your backyard into an exceptional oasis is a raised bond beam. A raised bond beam is architecturally built on the poolside(s) to support the pool’s foundation. Besides, this artistic feature can serve as a habitat to other water features like sheer descents and pool lighting. You’ll often notice it as a protruding wall on one or two of the pool sides.

What Is A Raised Bond Beam?

What is the size of a raised bond beam? #

On average, it should be about 0.5 feet to 3 feet high. Of course, the height varies depending on the size of the pool. But, generally, this magnificent wall should contribute to the pool’s depth.

Benefits of a raised bond beam #

Provides support to the pool #

A major benefit of a raised bond beam is that it enables pool owners to construct their pools on a complex landscape. For example, if your pool area is hilly,this would be a good feature to support and balance your pool. What this feature does is that it protects the pool structure from external forces like soil. So, if you have a complicated pool area, you need not worry. Installing it comes in handy as it balances your pool structure.

Offers amazing aesthetics #

Aside from supporting the pool, a raised bond bead is a great source of aesthetics. More often than not, pool contractors ensure that the beam complements your outdoor space. So, the majority of these beams get built in a certain design with a certain color. Several pool owners prefer adding sheer descents to this distinctive feature. This way, they enhance the appealing nature of the pool. The top coat  is often made from quartz or tile material. Typically, you can customize it to fit all your requirements.

Hire reputable pool builders #

When constructing a raised bond beam, make sure you look for a reputable pool contractor. These architectural features require expertise and professionalism during construction. Otherwise, it won’t serve its main function. Even though you spend thousands of dollars creating this, it offers value for money.

In summary #

A raised bond beam is an outstanding water feature that carries a wide array of benefits. Not only does this premium feature boost your pool’s aesthetics, but it also supports your pool’s foundation. Even so, you have to hire a dependable pool contractor to install it for you. These water features incorporate an intricate construction process. Thus, always check your pool builder’s credibility before allowing them to construct one for you

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