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What Is A Grotto?

A grotto is a magnificent water feature found in the majority of first-class pools. Typically, a grotto is a cave-like structure constructed beneath a rock waterfall in pools. Often, you’ll find it at the pool’s edge. From underneath the pool, it has an opening. The opening incorporates seats or benches at times. There is a wide range of designs you can incorporate.

What Is A Grotto?

Pool grottos #

Note that these features do not necessarily exist under a waterfall. You can find them beneath any water feature like pool slides. Professional pool builders, design pool these features to complement the pool. So, mostly, these unique features look like natural rocks. But there are many materials that pool contractors use to make grottos. As a result, the cost of this pool feature varies depending on its material. But if you want to spend less on one, buy the ones constructed from prefab artificial rock.

What is the average price of a pool grotto? #

If you plan on installing this feature, get prepared to spend thousands of dollars. These fantastic features are relatively costly due to their unique aesthetics. You can end up paying an average of about $5,000 to $10,000. Of course, the price varies depending on the pool contractor you hire and the material. At times, the size these pool feature also contributes to its cost.

However, you can always lower the costs of installing one. All you have to do is incorporate a basic design. Adding benches and staircases can significantly increase your expenses. But if you desire to construct a premium pool, there are so many intricate grotto designs to choose from.

Is it possible to customize your pool grotto? #

These features can get improvised to boost the pool’s aesthetics. But first, always analyze the main objectives of the pool before installing one. Below are some of the ways to customize your grotto.

  • Installing benches and seats: If you expect your pool to receive large bather loads, you can install long benches in this pool feature. On the other hand, it can be the perfect romantic spot for you and your loved one. You can put in place romantic seats in the grotto. Here, lovebirds can have a mini escapade while diving in the pool.
  • Install lights around the grotto: When you construct one, always include pool lighting around the area. Pool lights underscore this pool feature and bring out its unique attractiveness. Additionally, pool lighting along the this pool feature creates a warm and comfortable aura around the poolside.

The bottom line #

A grotto is a fantastic water feature that significantly boosts the appealing nature of your pool. Even so, these features are expensive to install. You could end up spending up to $15,000 when constructing a grotto. But this remarkable feature offers value for money. All you need to do is hire an experienced pool contractor who knows how to install this unique feature.

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