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What Is A Good Size Pool?

Before you begin on pool construction, you have to choose the right pool size, shape, and layout. More often than not, your pool contractor will help you settle for the most suitable pool design based on your requirements. When selecting a proper size, always consider your yard space. If you have a limited backyard space, it would be best if you constructed a smaller pool. But if you have unlimited outdoor space, your pool can be enormous. One of the most common questions we get as pool contractors, ‘What is a good size pool?’ Well, it depends. The right pool size for you will depend on the primary purpose of the pool.

What Is A Good Size Pool?

Analyze the main objective of your pool to identify a good size pool #

Why are you constructing your pool? Once you know the answer to this question, it will be much easier to choose a good size pool.

If you are building the pool only for entertainment, find the right pool size based on your bather load. For example:

  • Suppose your family has about six to eight members; pool experts highly recommend constructing an 18 by 36 feet pool. This pool size would be ideal for your family, and at no time will you experience any form of congestion. Also, note that 18 by 36 feet pools work best when they are rectangular.
  • On the flip side, if you have a small family of about four or fewer people, the best pool size would be 16 by 32 feet. There won’t be any congestion with this pool, even when all of you are in the pool.
  • Aspiring pool owners who have limited backyard spaces would be better off with 14 by 25 feet pools. These pools are small yet able to offer outstanding benefits. Not to worry, you can still customize this pool to fit your preferred design. All you have to do is hire a dependable pool contractor.
  • Currently, some swimming pools are purely for sports. Pools built for swimming competitions should be broader and deeper than standard pools. So, lap pools should incorporate a depth of at least 30 feet. Typically, they should offer sufficient space for exercising. Also, they should be wide to accommodate a lot of people, especially during swimming competitions.

Ultimately #

Unquestionably, you have to consider your budget when choosing a good size pool. In most cases, larger pools are more costly. So, if you have a limited budget, an average or small-sized pool would be good for you. Consider a 16 by 32 feet pool. But if you don’t mind adding a few coins, an 18 by 36 pool would be a better option.

Moreover, remember that larger pools require more maintenance. So, you’d have to spend more. Ultimately, analyze your pool needs first before choosing a good size pool.

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