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What If My Pool Has Too Much Chlorine?

As a pool owner, you will make mistakes both in the short run and long run. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem. One of the most common mistakes committed by pool owners is adding too much chlorine in the pool. In some instances, some pool owners don’t even know that putting it in excess in their pool is a mistake. So, let’s analyze the problem of having too much chlorine in a pool.

What If My Pool Has Too Much Chlorine?


What happens if I have too much chlorine in my pool? #

This is a harsh chemical when present in large percentages. So, if your pool has too much chlorine, it could cause skin irritation and allergies to swimmers. Additionally, excessive amounts interfere with your pool chemistry. It makes your pool have a high pH. Consequently, this could erode your pool surfaces. If you have a vinyl pool, high quantities of chlorine can wear and tear your vinyl liner. Do your best to balance your water chemistry once you notice you have high levels.

How do you lower the chlorine levels in your pool? #

Turn off your chlorinator #

Ensure that chlorine does not continue getting into the pool if you have an automatic chlorinator. Switch it off for some time. Doing this will lower the levels of chlorine in your pool.

Expose the pool to sunlight #

Usually, the UV rays from the sun degrade chlorine. Thus, you can naturally lower the levels by exposing the pool to sunlight. Avoid using your automatic pool cover at this time. But ensure you keep monitoring your pool. But on average, after three hours, the pool would have low levels of chlorine.

Use pool neutralizers #

Consider adding neutralizing chemicals that can lower the chlorine levels in your pool. Some of these chemicals include Sodium Sulfite and Sodium Thiosulfate. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using these chemicals. Adding an excess of these chemicals can be harmful to your pool. Also, since it raises the pool’s acidity, use an alkaline solution to balance the water chemistry. Adding neutralizing chemicals is a quick fix.

Dilute the pool with water #

When you realize the levels are high, you can choose to dilute the pool using water. This is a simple method, but you’ll have to be patient. Also, adding water to the pool is not such a good idea. It tampers with your pool chemistry and calcium hardness.

Conclusion #

There are so many techniques for reducing excessive chlorine levels in your pool. You can add water or use neutralizing chemicals. But if you find it challenging to balance the levels in your pool, seek help from a professional pool contractor.

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