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What Happens If You Build a Pool Without a Permit?

In case you plan on build a pool, ensure you apply and get a permit beforehand. Almost all states need people to obtain permits when building pools. So, whether your pool is above ground or inground, you ought to obtain a state permit. Nowadays, it is easy to get into trouble with the law when you build a pool without a permit.

What Happens If You Build a Pool Without a Permit?
What happens if you build a pool without a permit? Depending on your state guidelines, there are consequences when you build a pool without a permit.

Several states use automated software to track down all pool owners who don’t have pool permits. Depending on your state guidelines, there are consequences when you build a pool without a permit. For instance, some pool owners have fines amounting up to $250,000 due to lack of pool permits. In most cases, permits can be costly to obtain. But they will keep you from trouble in the long run.

Consequences of building a pool without a permit #

As seen earlier, all pool owners should apply for permits. Based on the Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance, in Albany, New York, if you build a pool without a permit, you are subject to a fine. The fine amounts to $300. But it accumulates over the years when you don’t pay. Permits show that your land is fit for construction. It also shows that your pool observes all the mandatory state requirements. So, if you don’t have a pool permit, the state has the power to stop all construction work. Also, at times, the state does not grant permits. Mostly, this happens when your land is unfit for construction.

Inground Pool Construction
Inground Pool Construction – Photo Credit: Element Pool Company – San Antonio Pool Builders

So, how do I apply for a pool building permit? #

In most instances, your pool builder takes care of the pool permits. However, some pool owners prefer to apply for them on their own. But it takes less hustle if you leave the work to your contractor. Besides, they are more familiar with the state guidelines and will sort out everything for you.

When applying for a permit, pool owners should present all their details. Additionally, they should submit their pool specifications and the exact type of pool. As a matter of fact, pool owners should have a physical representation of the architectural work in the form of drawings. This way, the inspectors can conclude whether you can proceed with construction. Also, your pool ought to meet all state guidelines.

Other permits #

Pool owners should also apply for plumbing permits. Note that this is a separate permit from the construction permit. The plumbing permit ensures that underground cables do not get interfered with during the construction process. Ultimately, it is essential to note that different states have different guidelines. So, to identify the process of applying for a pool permit, check with your state offices. Ultimately, do not build a pool without a permit.

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