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What Does It Cost To Fill A Pool?

,After years of use, you may want to get rid of your inground pool. Several reasons could lead you to demolish your pool. It could be that you are moving houses or desire to use your pool space for something else. In this present age and time, there are two significant ways of eliminating your inground pool. The first one is through a pool fill in, and the second one is through a complete demolition. Each method has its disadvantages and advantages. In this article, let’s look at the cost to fill a pool.

What Does It Cost To Fill A Pool?

But first, what does it mean to fill a pool? #

Filling a pool is also known as partial pool demolition. Partial pool demolition entails getting rid of the pool’s upper part and disposing of the contents in the lower part of the pool. After doing this, you fill the pool space either with dirt or concrete. The good thing with this technique is that it consumes less time and is less costly than complete pool removal.

So, what is the cost to fill a pool? #

The cost undoubtedly varies depending on the type of pool. On average, if you plan to fill an above ground pool, you would end up spending approximately $2,700. On the other hand, filling an inground pool would cost you an average of $6,500. Nonetheless, the costs to fill an inground pool can go up to $10,000. It depends on the composition and size of the pool. Moreover, the material used to also contributes to the costs.

Filling a pool with dirt #

When you choose to use dirt, expect to spend about $12 per cubic yard. So, the bigger the pool, the more you’ll pay. Most pool contractors will charge you the costs of labor and soil. Typically, when you use dirt, you won’t spend much. Even so, this technique might cause some issues with your land in the long run.

Filling with concrete #

It is more expensive to fill with concrete. On average, you would end up spending about $100 per cubic foot. If you have a large pool, it is very costly to fill it with concrete. But you can choose to overlook the massive costs. When you use concrete, your land remains in good condition.

The bottom line #

The cost varies depending on various factors. One of the main determinants of the price is the material used. Typically, concrete is more expensive when used for this process. So, pool owners opt to fill their pool with dirt since it’s a cheaper alternative.

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