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What Does a Pool Electrician Do?

Unquestionably, pool plumbing is the circulatory system of every pool. Thus, it would be best to employ a dependable pool contractor to install your pool plumbing. Otherwise, you would end up spending gazillions on pool repairs in the long run. In particular, hire an electrician to conduct the pool plumbing. A pool electrician is well knowledgeable on pool electrical. Thus, they understand how all pool equipment and drainage lines work.

What Does a Pool Electrician Do?

Some of the functions of a pool electrician include. #

Obtaining electrical permits #

When installing pool electrical, you have to comply with your state guidelines. Otherwise, you would face huge penalties and fines in the long run. So, when you hire a professional, the first thing they would do is obtain an electrical permit. Aside from the standard construction permit, some states require you to get an electrical pool permit. Once you apply for the permit, they will come on-site and inspect your property. Here, they check for any underground obstacles that hinder the installation of pool plumbing. Your pool electrician is the one who will obtain the permit for you. Applying and getting the permit yourself can consume a lot of time. You’d instead leave the job to your pool electrician.

Bonding #

Another function of a pool electrician is pool bonding. During this process, all the metal equipment in the pool get connected using a copper wire. Doing this regulates the voltage and electrical current. You have to employ an experienced to conduct pool bonding. Otherwise, you put your pool equipment at risk of damage.

Wiring your sub-panel #

Your pool equipment only works when they have the primary power source. Often, pool electricians will suggest installing a subpanel that will serve all your pool equipment. A subpanel functions like a breaker box. The costs of wiring a subpanel will vary depending on several factors. They include your electrical contractor and the condition of your main breaker box. Always hire a reputable pool electrician to install the sub panel wiring for you. One mistake when wiring your subpanel can ruin all your pool equipment.

In summary #

Before hiring a pool electrician, remember that water and electricity are not compatible. Thus, be careful when conducting any pool electrical. This process is dangerous and requires expertise and professionalism. So, make sure your electrician has a valid license and insurance. Additionally, it would help if you avoid conducting a DIY pool plumbing project. Even though you might have some knowledge of how to install pool electrical, consider the safety of your family. I mean, you wouldn’t want to put anyone at risk. Ultimately, it would be best if you overlook the costs of hiring a pool electrician.

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