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What Do You Do After You Shock Your Pool?

Pool shocking is an important part of pool cleaning. Shocking your pool enables you to sanitize your pool effectively. This process is highly recommended for frequently used pools. Think about it. Pools with large bather loads are more likely to be dirtier. So, you can’t only depend on the normal pool cleaning processes to maintain a clean pool. But what do you do after you shock your pool?

What Do You Do After You Shock Your Pool?

After shocking your pool #

Pool shocking entails adding excess chlorine to your pool with the sole purpose of disinfecting the pool. What happens is that pool owners continue adding chlorine even after the breaking point of chlorine. This way, all bacteria and harmful microorganisms get destroyed.

Once you shock your pool, use a soft pool brush to scrub the pool gently. Doing this gets rid of all stubborn particles that might have stuck on the pool.

Then, please turn on your pool filter and let it run for about eight to twelve hours. It all depends on the condition of your pool. If you suspect your pool has high bather waste, let the filter run for a longer period. But once the eight hours are over, check the levels of chlorine in your pool. Suppose the pool chlorine level is zero even after eight hours, repeat the shocking process. It would be best if you shocked the pool at night. Here, UV rays won’t tamper with the functioning of chlorine.

Shocking a Pool
Shocking a Pool – Photo Credit: Easy Pool Cleaning

Is it possible to over shock your pool? #

Well, pool experts say that there is no such thing as over shocking a pool. But why? After you shock your pool, add approximately 3 or 4 gallons of chlorine to the pool. Then, please turn on the pool filter and leave it for about 12 hours. If your water is not crystal clear after this time, repeat the shocking process. Doing this isn’t considered as pool over shocking. Simply put, the amount of chlorine you add to the pool relies on the bather waste present in the pool.

Maintain balanced water chemistry #

As much as pool shocking is a reliable pool cleaning technique, there are downsides to it. Pool shocking entails raising the levels of chlorine in your pool. Doing this is not healthy for you and your pool. High percentages of chlorine cause skin irritation, among other health complications. Also, chlorine increases your pool acidity thus can corrode your pool surfaces. So, before you repeat the shocking process, ensure that you have balanced water chemistry. After pool shocking, scrub your pool using a gentle brush. Then, please turn on your pool filter and leave it to run for at least eight hours. Feel free to shock your pool repeatedly until your pool water becomes crystal clear.

Summary #

The most popular question ultimately is how long after shock can you swim? Before allowing anyone into the pool, wait one hour every pound of shock product used, and then test the water to ensure the pH and chlorine levels are in the right range.

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