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What Are The Disadvantages Of A Fiberglass Pool?

In the early years, fiberglass pools have the least popular. Nevertheless, today, fiberglass is more advanced and incorporates a simple installation process. Also, these pools have reasonable initial and lifetime costs. So, if you are under a tight budget, a fiberglass pool would be a good alternative. These pools carry a lot of benefits. But these pools also have several disadvantages.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Fiberglass Pool?

Disadvantages that accompany A fiberglass pool. #

Limited pool shapes and sizes #

As much as pool contractors can make fiberglass pools fit your specifications, these pools offer limited versatility. Come to think about it. This pool type has to get delivered when it is ready-made. Thus, certain pool sizes cannot fit in delivery trucks. When constructing this type of pool, you cannot construct a very large pool.

Additionally, a fiberglass pool cannot accommodate intricate layouts. Doing this will make it hard to transport the pool. If you want a highly customized pool, you’d instead go for a concrete pool.

Poor installation #

Fiberglass pools are medium-priced pools. They cost less than concrete pools but much higher than vinyl pools. Sounds reasonable, right? But you have to remember that you won’t get to see how the pool got constructed. I mean, your pool contractor could have used a poor quality shell. Thus, you would have to incur thousands of dollars on pool repairs in the long run. Even though they are cheaper than concrete, they could last for a short period. As a result, this would turn out to be more costly than buying a concrete pool, which can last for over two decades. So, if you plan to build a fiberglass pool, make sure you employ a dependable pool builder.

Fiberglass pool: Sensitive pool shell #

Usually, pool builders construct these pools with a gel coating. The gel coating is very delicate and can easily wear and tear if not maintained well. Thus, with a fiberglass pool, ensure your pool chemistry is well balanced at all times. Otherwise, you would corrode the gel coating. Also, use the proper pool chemicals that won’t wear out the gel coat. The best thing would be to ask your manufacturer about the best pool chemicals to use.

Conclusion #

Fiberglass pools are a good alternative if you cannot afford a concrete pool. However, these pools carry several disadvantages. They could incorporate a poor installation process and need delicate maintenance procedures to prevent gel coating corrosion. Before you buy this type of pool, it would be best first to understand its advantages and disadvantages. Again, it depends on your pool requirements. If a fiberglass pool is the only pool type that fits your requirements, nothing should stop you from purchasing the pool.

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