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What Are The Different Types Of Pool Finishes?

Nowadays, there are so many types of pool finishes that pool owners can put in place. They include plaster, aggregate, tiles, and glass. Needless to say, each type of pool finish offers unique benefits and varies in price. At the moment, glass is the most expensive pool finish. On the other hand, plaster is the cheapest pool finish. The type of pool finish you choose will depend on your pool requirements and budget.

What Are The Different Types Of Pool Finishes?

Let’s look at a detailed understanding of the different types of pool finishes #

Plaster Finishes #

The plaster finish is popular among the majority of homeowners due to its affordability and appealing nature. So, what is plaster? Typically, plaster is a combination of Portland cement, water, and marble dust. Plaster comes in a wide range of colors. Thus, it can blend the pool with your outdoor living space. On average, plaster can last you for about seven years. However, you have to take good care of the pool to boost the durability of plaster. Nevertheless, high-quality plaster can stay up to twenty years.

Aggregate Finishes #

A more advanced type of pool finish is aggregate. Aggregate is aesthetically pleasing and lasts longer than plaster. The material is highly resistant to discoloration and damage from pool chemicals. There are two main types of aggregate. They include polished and exposed aggregate. Well, both offer the same benefits as well as durability. The good thing with aggregate is that it is relatively affordable yet gives the pool a high-end finish.

Tile Pool Finishes #

Today, tile pool finishes are becoming popular among most pool owners. Tile pool finish mostly incorporates porcelain, glass, and ceramic. At times, the finish could be a combination of the three materials.

Often, tile pool finishes offer high longevity and versatility. You can always customize a tile finish to complement your pool area. Even so, they are more expensive than aggregate and plaster. But they offer value for money.

A tile-based pool finish is another popular option that is typically made of porcelain. But in some cases, a tiled-finished pool can be made with ceramic, glass, or stone. It is also possible to blend these types of tiles if that is your preference.

Fortunately, a tile finish incorporates a straightforward repair process. Replacing a pool tile does not consume too much time or effort.

In summary #

When selecting the right pool finish, ensure you analyze all your pool requirements. Also, it would help if you looked at what your outdoor living space needs. Always choose a pool finish that complements your poolside area. Furthermore, carefully analyze your budget. This way, it would be easier to incorporate the most suitable pool finish alternative. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of pool finishes to choose from.

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