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What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Water Pool?

Over the years, there have been numerous inventions in the pool industry. One of them is the evolution of salt water pools. Typically, saltwater pools are unique features. They allow pool owners to minimize pool chemical usage. Simply put, salt water pools are different from standard pools since they don’t need an input of chlorine for disinfection. However, this does not mean that this pool does not use chlorine. It contains a certain percentage of salt. The salt gets broken down through a process known as electrolysis into sodium and chlorine. The chlorine produced in the pool water is the one used to disinfect the pool. So, with salt water pools, all you need to do is add a certain quantity of salt to the pool.

What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Water Pool?

Advantages of a salt water pool #

Unlike chlorine, salt is not an irritant #

At times, chlorine pools can cause skin irritation to swimmers. Some people are allergic to chlorine. Thus, the high levels of chlorine in standard pools can affect them. On the flip side, salt water pools contain low chlorine levels. As a result, they are less likely to cause allergies and skin reactions. Also, they are not harsh on your swimwear. When swimming in this type of pool, you will notice that the pool water would feel softer. Thus, the pool is less irritating to your eyes and skin.

Salt water pools do not have unpleasant smells #

We all know the unpleasant smell that comes with chlorine. When using a salt water pool, you won’t experience the smell of bleach. Thus, the pool water offers a more conducive environment for swimming.

Softer feel #

Salt water pools feel much gentler and softer. You will always notice the difference. Thus, it is much more enjoyable to swim in this type of pool than a chlorinated pool.

Minimal storage procedures #

With salt water pools, you won’t have to buy large chunks of chlorine. The storage process that comes with chlorine can be tedious. I mean, you have to create a specific place for storing chlorine. Otherwise, your children can get a hold of these tablets. Saltwater pools do not need additional chlorine.

Low maintenance #

Salt water pools are very cheap to maintain. You won’t have to buy additional pool chemicals. However, they have high initial costs. But they enable you to save on your pool maintenance costs. Salt is way cheaper than chlorine.

Ultimately #

A salt water pool carries a wide array of benefits to its users. These pools barely need chlorine tablets. So, they enable pool owners to save on their pool maintenance costs. Also, these pools boost swimming safety. They are much gentler on the skin and are less likely to lead to skin irritation and redness. If you desire to install a salt water pool, you are on the right track. However, consult your pool builder before you do so.

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