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Should Pool Skimmers Be On All The Time?

Pool skimmers are useful in maintaining a clean pool. Unquestionably, every pool owner has to install a pool skimmer to facilitate their pool’s proper functioning. But to ensure the pool skimmer functions effectively, you ought to incorporate several maintenance procedures. Also, you have to set the pool skimmer to run within the correct time frame to boost its durability.

Should Pool Skimmers Be On All The Time?

Purpose of  pool skimmers #

But first, let’s understand the primary function of a skimmer. A pool skimmer is a rectangular basket located beside the pool that contains an opening inside the pool. Here, all dirt particles and debris like leaves get captured. Thus, the primary purpose of the pool skimmer is to maintain a crystal-clear pool. Pool skimmers contain a basket for storing all dirt particles. Therefore, you should empty the basket often to promote its efficiency.

When to run the skimmer #

The exact time of running your pool skimmer depends on the condition of your pool. But, typically, it is advisable to turn on your pool skimmer whenever your pool pump is on. So, the pool skimmer can be on for about six to twelve hours. Running the pool skimmer while the pool pump is on enables you to capture almost all dirt particles in the pool. During this time, ensure that you have the right amounts of water level in your skimmer. When the pool skimmer has too much or too little water, it can malfunction. In fact, you are likely to hear rumbling sounds from your skimmer if it contains low water levels.

Taking care of the pool skimmers #

Pool owners have to empty their pool skimmer basket at least twice a week. You may have to empty it often if your pool is in constant use. Letting debris accumulate in the pool skimmer basket makes the skimmer overwork. In turn, it functions ineffectively and can break down sooner than expected. Also, whenever you empty the pool skimmer, clean it thoroughly. You can always check the best ways of cleaning a pool skimmer in your manufacturer’s manual. Additionally, when the pool skimmer is in operation, always check whether there is an overflow or underflow of water.

Conclusion #

Using a pool skimmer is a fantastic way to ensure that your pool stays clean for long periods. However, if you want your pool skimmer to function effectively, you should ensure that you take care of it. You can boost the pool skimmer’s longevity by letting it run within the correct time frame. Otherwise, you will overwork the skimmer. On average, the pool skimmer should be on when the pool pump is on. So, typically, pool skimmers should run for about eight hours a day.

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