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Pavers vs Concrete, Which Is Best for Pools?

Pavers vs Concrete Decks #

When discussing pavers vs concrete and pool decks, home owners often wonder, which is best for pools? Some pool owners prefer a concrete deck while others prefer a paver deck area around their inground pool This article discusses the benefits and options associated with both concrete decking and paver decking.

Concrete Slab Decks #

A typical slab is a three- to four-inch thick layer of concrete poured over your driveway, patio, or pool deck to protect it. It’s a low-cost, long-lasting surface that’s simple to install and protects the area while requiring minimal upkeep.

Concrete Pool Deck - Photo Credit: Concrete Network
Concrete Pool Deck – Photo Credit: Concrete Network

Stamped Concrete Decks #

Stamped concrete is identical to regular concrete, but it is textured to look like flagstone, brick, or even wood. This decorative effect is more expensive, but it gives your patio or driveway more charm and curb appeal than an unfinished slab. Many home owners considering a concrete deck ultimately wind up doing a stamped concrete deck.

Concrete and cement are two distinct materials that are mostly used interchangeably. Cement is a key component of concrete, but it is not the final product.

Stone & Brick Pavers #

Individual tiles that match together to form a solid surface are known as pavers. They’re particularly common because of their durability and unique appearance. While stone and brick are the most popular choices, there are several other options to suit your budget and style.

Paver Decking - Belgard Paver Decking - Photo Credit: Alan Smith Pools
Paver Pool Decking – Belgard Pavers – Photo Credit: Alan Smith Pools

Concrete Pavers #

This paver is made of molded concrete that has been coated with aggregate. A sealant is used during installation to prevent moisture from entering the porous material and to preserve the shine.

Which is Cheaper, Stamped Concrete or Pavers? #

Stamped concrete usually has lower installation costs. Pavers take longer to lay and stone and fill in the holes, so their prices are usually higher despite a comparable hourly rate. From a maintenance standpoint however, pavers may be the cheaper option as concrete tends to require more maintenance and may chip or crack. Pavers are easily replaced and less costly in comparison.

Which is more appealing Stamped Concrete or Pavers? #

Stamped concrete installation is a straightforward process. It usually comes in a single grey color but can be colored with additives to the mix. Stamping adds texture and allows for customization. Pavers are appealing because they are available in a range of shapes and colors. Custom designs and patterns are simple to create.

Concrete VS Pavers – Which Are Stronger? #

It’s not even close. Pavers are four times stronger than poured concrete, allowing them to withstand four times the amount of weight. With up to 8,000 PSI pavers are clearly more durable than concrete. Slabs are prone to cracking over time, requiring costly repairs and sealants. Conversely, pavers can fall loose at any time but are easily and cheaply replaced. Contractors also typically prefer paver decking because it allows greater accessibility to making pool repairs.

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