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Is There A Chlorine Shortage?

Currently, pool experts report that there is a major chlorine shortage in the United States. This shortage could be a big problem for most pool owners this summer. Remember, there is still a high demand for pool services. If pool stores are not careful, they may run out of chlorine this coming summer. But what is the reason for this chlorine shortage?

Is There A Chlorine Shortage?

What is the cause of the current chlorine shortage? #

In 2020, the global pandemic forced most homeowners to work from home. As a result, the demand for pools was on the rise since most of them wanted to create a mini-staycation in their yards. Since there was a high demand for pool services, there was also an increased demand for chlorine. Unfortunately, this demand contributed to a shortage of chlorine.

Moreover, the main chlorine plant in the United States burned down in August 2020. The chlorine plant in Louisiana was the primary source of chlorine for everyone in the pool industry. The fire significantly reduced chlorine production. In turn, this led to a major chlorine shortage.

The chlorine plant is scheduled to reopen in 2022. Thus, it is now hard to find chlorine. There are only two remaining local chlorine manufacturers in the United States; Clearon Corp and Occidental Petroleum. These chlorine plants are not big. Thus, they still can’t meet the demand for chlorine in the industry. Liquid chlorine is still a viable option as the current shortage primarily entails dry chlorine products.

Pool professionals report that the chlorine shortage will lead to increased prices, especially during the peak season. According to IHS Markit, the cost of chlorine is estimated to rise by approximately 70% during the summer. So, everyone in the pool industry should be adequately prepared for this. It would be preferable if they began stockpiling chlorine as soon as possible.

Are there solutions to the chlorine shortage? #

Chlorine is the most popular disinfecting agent in pools. This chemical is effective in destroying all bacteria and viruses, among other microorganisms, in pools. However, it is essential to note that chlorine is not the only pool sanitizing agent available. Today, there are many alternatives to chlorine. Some include UV systems, ozone systems, and ultrafiltration systems. In fact, most of them work better. So, if worse goes to worse, consider using another sanitizing agent.


At present, there is a shortage of chlorine in the United States. Therefore, all pool owners should prepare themselves in advance before the following swimming pool peak season. Then, they can stock up on chlorine or install other pool sanitation systems.

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