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Is Pool Painting A Good Idea?

From the early years, pool owners used paint as a pool finish material. Pool painting was common due to affordability. However, the paint did not last long on pools. So, pool experts had to come up with an alternative finish material. Over the years, the plaster pool finish got invented. Moreover, pool owners started using ceramic, tile, and aggregate as pool finish materials. Although relatively affordable, is painting your pool a good idea?

Is Pool Painting A Good Idea?

Should I do pool Painting? #

Often, pool industry professionals discourage pool painting. But why? Doing this will only incur massive pool repair costs for you in the long run. Indisputably, every pool owner wants a pool finish that will serve them for many years. With paint, you will have to redo the pool quite often. Ultimately, you end up spending more on lifetime pool finish costs.

Save on initial costs #

Unlike the standard paint, pool paint is very costly. On average, pool owners spend about $100 to buy one gallon of paint. During pool painting, you need more than eight gallons of paint. Needless to say, this depends on the size of your pool. The larger the pool, the more you spend on buying pool paint. Not to mention, you have to incur separate costs on labor. But note that painting costs cannot match up to the cost of plastering your pool. During the application of plaster, pool owners end up spending approximately $4,000 in total. However, plaster offers three to five times durability compared to pool paint. If you are under a very tight budget, painting your pool would be a good solution. But keep in mind that you’ll have to incur high lifetime costs with pool paint.

Does pool painting offer high longevity? #

In this present age and time, there are various types of pool paint. Each has different compositions and levels of longevity. But on average, expect your pool paint to last for a maximum of five years. This only happens when you observe the correct pool maintenance procedures. So, if you plan to paint your pool, ensure your pool contractor uses high-quality paint like epoxy. This way, you can rest assured it will last you for approximately five years. Rubber-based pool paint won’t last you up to five years. It will start wearing out after two or three years. Whenever you desire to paint our pool, hire a professional.

Ultimately #

Pool painting is not a bad idea if you are under a fixed budget. However, note that pool paint finish won’t last as long as other finish materials like plaster. Usually, pool paint lasts for a maximum of five years. Not to mention, it  will significantly increases your pool repair costs.

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