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Is Pool Coping Necessary?

After your pool builder completes constructing a pool, they usually conduct the coping process. Pool coping enhances not only the appealing nature of your outdoor living area but also provides a non-slippery pool exit. There are various designs that pool owners can incorporate. Often, concrete pools need coping. Moreover, all types of pools require coping to make the area around the backyard oasis appealing and provide safety.

Is Pool Coping Necessary?

Is coping compulsory? #

Without coping, your rebar would get exposed, and the pool water would freely flow beyond the pool shell. So, this procedure is necessary for your pool. You can use stone or concrete to conduct the coping process. It all depends on your pool design and requirements. But make sure that your coping complements your yard’s aesthetics.

Pool coping materials #

Today, there is a wide range of materials you can use for coping. They include tile, coping stones, and concrete. If you are taking part in a DIY pool construction project, you can get these materials from pool equipment manufacturers. Also, you can find them from your pool builder. All in all, the pool deck area should flawlessly blend with your pool.

Vinyl pool coping #

There are three primary techniques you can use for vinyl pool coping. They include:

Top mount/C-channel/Half-round coping #

The top mount is usually made of aluminum and gets poured around the pool deck area. Ensure the top mount bonds and blends with all the pool walls during application.

Cantilever edge #

In this method, concrete gets poured alongside the vinyl pool walls. Concrete is highly versatile. Thus, you can customize it to match your preferred pool deck design.

Flat mount #

Here, pool contractors create a track to hold the vinyl liner. Then, the coping stone gets fixed on the track.

Is there an option to pool coping? #

Not every pool owner loves the idea of pool coping. Fortunately, there are alternatives to coping. In such cases, the concrete used to create the pool gets extended across the area surrounding the pool. Alternatively, you can increase the surface area of the wood deck. Doing this creates the perfect blend for the pool and the deck.

Conclusion #

Pool coping is necessary for all types of pools. If you don’t do it, you will expose your steel framework and pool walls interior. Thus, it is always good to hire a reputable pool builder who is knowledgeable about pool coping. This way, you rest assured of obtaining the best pool deck design. Your pool is essential in offering a safe exit out of the pool. In turn, it decreases the risk of pool accidents. Additionally, coping significantly boosts your home’s aesthetics as well as increase the value of your property. Ultimately, consider this procedure as crucial as other pool construction steps.

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