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Is Jandy Pool Equipment Good?

At this moment in time, there is a wide range of pool equipment. When building a pool, make sure your pool contractor uses high-quality pool equipment that offers high longevity. Otherwise, you would end up spending thousands of dollars on pool repairs. The most common pool equipment brands include Pentair, Hayward, and Jandy. All of them are effective and offer value for money. But, over time, Pentair pool equipment gained the highest competitive edge. Pentair pool equipment is well known for its high quality and value for money. On the flip side, Jandy pool equipment is also of good quality but not as much Pentair. But, in general, is Jandy Pool equipment good?

Is Jandy Pool Equipment Good?
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Jandy pool equipment #

Although highly rated, Jandy pool equipment cannot get compared with Pentair pool equipment – particularly by homeowners looking for a pool equipment upgrade. But if you use Jandy pool equipment, rest assured of durability and quality. In fact, pool professionals rank the Jandy valve actuator as the most efficient. These equipment are fantastic and provide a wide array of benefits to their users. Not to mention, these pool equipment incorporate lower prices compared to Hayward and Pentair. Of course, the cost varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of equipment.

Jandy pool filters #

The Jandy pool filters are not as effective as most tend to believe. Often, Jandy pool filters require frequent maintenance procedures. Over time, Jandy pool filters are prone to cracking due to their configuration. So, if you want to buy a durable pool filter, you would instead go for a Pentair or Hayward pool filter. Otherwise, you would spend a lot of filter repair costs in the long run.

Jandy pool heaters #

Nowadays, Hayward pool heaters are the most recommended pool heaters. But it all depends on your budget and requirements. Jandy pool heaters perform their function as well. Nonetheless, based on customer feedback, they are not as reliable as Hayward. Even so, different types of Jandy pool heaters are more advanced.

Jandy salt systems #

Currently, there are two advanced Jandy salt systems. Unlike the old salt systems, they are more user-friendly and offer value for money. Generally, you can invest in both the TrueClear and AquaPure Ei salt systems. Both provide excellent benefits. Nevertheless, never forget to analyze your pool needs before buying a Jandy salt system.

Conclusion #

Typically, Jandy pool equipment carries a broad spectrum of benefits. However, pool professionals do not consider this pool equipment as efficient as the Hayward and Pentair. Some of their equipment does not operate efficiently and tend to break down over time. Thus, with Jandy pool equipment, you are likely to spend more on repair costs. Whenever you plan on buying pool equipment, always consult your pool contractor on the best type of equipment to purchase. This will help you avoid pool problems both in the short run and in the long run.

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