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Is It Ok To Turn Your Pool Pump Off While On Vacation?

As a pool owner, you might not be around your pool 24/7. I mean, at times, you have to travel for a business meeting or even go on vacation with your family. In such instances, do you have to leave your pool pump running? Indisputably, without this equipment, you would encounter numerous pool problems. Thus, always come up with a suitable schedule for it that enables your pool to stay clean at all times.

Is It Ok To Turn Your Pool Pump Off While On Vacation?

Should I leave the pool pump on when I am away? #

Pool experts recommend letting your pool pump run even when the pool is not in use. Remember, the pump facilitates proper circulation and filtration of water. As a result, you would experience stagnant water that would serve as algae and mosquito breeding grounds. Most pumps accommodate timers. So, you can set the pump to run for a certain period during the day, even when on vacation. For instance, you can leave the it to run for about six to eight hours a day. You need not worry. Your timer will automatically go in and off according to the set time frame.

What happens if I turn off the pump? #

We understand that you desire to cut down your electrical costs. However, think of all the pool problems you are likely to experience when you turn off the pool pump. Not to mention, these issues will force you to purchase expensive pool chemicals.

How long should the pool pump run while I’m on vacation? #

When you are on vacation, make sure you let your pool pump runs for at least six hours a day. Remember, your pool is not in use. So, it does not need intense filtration. To be safe, let it run for eight hours. Your timer automatically turns on the equipment for a specific period. Before you go on vacation, take some time to set the pump. Take advantage and let it run during the day when there is sunlight.

Consequently, you will enjoy your holiday and come back home to a clean pool. On the other hand, the best time to run a pool pump under normal circumstances is 12 hours. In particular, if your pool is in frequent use, consider turning on the pool pump for the whole night.

In summary #

Pool experts discourage turning off your pool pump while you are away. Although you want to take advantage of this time and lower your electricity bills, leave the pump running. Turning it off for more than a week can cause an unpleasant sight of stagnated pool water.

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